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3:00 p.m. - December 12, 2007
No Time, Just Tunes
Time? HAH! I will write a post about the mind-numbing ennui found staffing a booth at a conference. It's not excitement there, peeps.

And I will post something about Katie's birthday party. RSVPs are coming along slowly but slowly - just like back in BFE land.

Ah, well.

But you'll have to deal with some Replacements videos and other stuff.

Their first ever 'video' which of course is so anti-MTV and anti-video, it's brilliant.

This is their infamous appearance on Saturday Night Live. It was hosted by Harry Dean Stanton. Yeah, it was a shambling mess, which is cool.

Live in 1981!!! Johnny's Gonna Die.

Very rare! Television LIVE!

Peace, love and rock and roll.


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