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11:47 a.m. - November 23, 2007
A Glorious Turkey Day
For the first time ever in the Ďreal jobí phase of my life, Iím working on the day after Thanksgiving.

Of course, Liz is cackling to herself, since she had to work the day after Turkey Day many times in her career. The stock market canít take the day off, so to work she went, even though the trading volume usually resembled the stock volume in Mozambique.

Yesterday, though, was a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Forgotten was the bad day that was Wednesday, because, well, you have to move on and live one day at a time.

Instead, Liz prepared a delicious turkey with the trimmings. Katie and Kristin helped with the green bean casserole. The night before, Liz and Katie made a pumpkin pie, and then Liz made an apple pie. Kristin taste tested both of them yesterday morning. (Sheís becoming a little sneak, she isÖheh. Iíve got a couple of scamps as daughters.)

I made the stuffing and made sure that the gravy was heated up. Otherwise, I stayed out of the way, as you donít want too many cooks in the kitchen. Also, that was the way I was brought up.

Mom always had to have things done HER way, and she was more apt to do them herself than allow people to help, much. Now, did she complain that no one was helping her? Yes, yes of course she did. But you know, that just added to the family dynamic.

I remember when Liz ate with us for the first time. She learned that you had better speak up otherwise you wonít be heard OR fed.

But the meal yesterday was delicious, and the setting was almost perfect as well. We have actually cleared off our kitchen and dining room, so we got to eat in our dining room on our table. There was a dusting of snow on the hill in our backyard, and that made it picturesque.

We all gave thanks and ate our fill. I indulged in the great Thanksgiving tradition of seconds, and then pie.

And then the great Thanksgiving nap in front of football occurred. How the Cowboys trounced the Jets, I know not, as it was scoreless when I drifted off and when I awoke Brad Johnson was playing QB and Tony Romo and TO were on the sidelines dreaming of their post-game feast.

It was just a tremendously awesome Thanksgiving. My first one in Minnesota was memorable for sure.

Tomorrow, Iím meeting with some friends. One of my high school and college friends is now a Buddhist Monk, and heís traveling through the Cities, so some of us are going to eat some Thai food with him for lunch.

Pad Thai or Drunkardís Noodles are proper for a Holiday lunch, right?

I hope you and yours had just as super spectacular of a day as I did.


Todayís video is an oldie and an obscure one. Itís A Beautiful Day were one of those bands that people knew of in the 60ís, but they never really gained a mass audience and were long forgotten when the nostalgia train left the station.

However, hereís a clip of them in concert. The sound isnít the best but hopefully it will give you a tease of their song ďWhite BirdĒ, which gained some FM radio play back when FM radio was subversive. It was beating the system, dig?


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