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11:19 p.m. - November 12, 2007
That'll Do Smed...That'll Do
On my way down to Sioux Falls I thought of a lot of pithy witty things to say about our first week in Minnesota.

I also thought how I'd write up one of the worst physical feelings I've ever had, when I had to sneeze right in the middle of taking a drink of soda on the road, and then stifled the sneeze. You can imagine the flow of the liquid through various tubes in the mouth / throat / esophagus / epiglottis area.

But I'm tired and I have a 6:30 call, a 7:00 breakfast, meetings from 8 to 5, and then I need to write a work plan / proposal for a new client whilst enjoying room service grub.

So let's cut to the basic chase:

1. We have boxes everywhere.

2. Slowly they are becoming empty boxes.

3. Katie already has a new friend at school.

4. Kristin has aged from 2 to about 10, I think, especially in attitude.

5. I think they have filmed over 5000 Hannah Montana episodes. And they've also only filmed one.

6. It's SOOOO nice to sleep next to the one you're supposed to sleep next to. And even though the next two nights I'm on the road, it's still nice to know when you get home, everyone will be there.

But the big news is....

We have a NEW KITTY!

His name is Simon. He's a black and white little bitty thing with sharp claws, sharp teeth, and a kitten's curiosity. He's two months old and full of purrs and exploration.

I'll post pics when we can find our camera.

Anyway, bed calls, and depending on what's happening, that will have to do for a while.

And that's OK. That'll do Smed...


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