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9:27 p.m. - October 30, 2007
More More More...New Purchases 2007 That Is...
So where were we on my exploration of what I have purchased in 2007?

A, B, C…D! That’s right. Give me a “D”. I’m down with “D”. So we’re gonna start with a “D”.

The Dandy Warhols - My cool sister-in-law was the one who first mentioned this band to me. I was rather much out of it by the time they hit the scene (Indiana radio is congruent to backwards), so it took me a while to catch up. However, with the pop trends being what they are, heroin has gone from passé to trendy, I think. I mean Chrissy on The Sopranos did junk with that one chick who used to be the head nurse on ER. So it’s hip, right?

The Dave Clark Five - Mr. Clark has decided that he’s not going to release his albums again, for whatever reason. Well, maybe not in the US or the UK, but those crafty Italians can release them, and that’s how I got a 2-for-1 on CD that had the American Tour album, which my sister had and left for me. I played it to death, and I’m glad I have it now in total. The songs aren’t cutting edge, but the sound of the bass is very heavy, and influenced many acts that followed.

David Bowie - For whatever reason, it took a while for iTunes to put Scary Monsters on the site, and I grabbed the ones that I really liked from it. I had it on cassette, and Moose and I drove around listening to Robert Fripp’s guitar weirdness and Bowie’s anguished singing in the Rock-And-Roll-Omni. Yep, a Dodge Omni. I was THE man!

Dean Martin - Because everybody loves somebody sometimes.

Deep Purple - I never had “Hush” and I felt it was necessary and vital. It IS necessary and vital. But they don’t have Concerto For Group And Orchestra available. However, that MAY not be that much of an omission.

Def Leppard - Yeah, I had to get “Let It Rock”, which I think fulfilled my need for Leppard along with the other stuff I had.

Del Shannon - If you don’t have “Runaway” in your collection, you are beyond lame. He had some other neat tunes as well with the same dorky little keyboard sound, too. His story is quite tragic, really, and will give you pause. A true legend that was underappreciated.

The Del Vikings - You know “Come Go With Me”. “Dom dom dom dom dom-de-doo-be-dom”. Yeah, that one.

The Dells - You know, every once in a while a man needs a old school slow jam like “Stay In My Corner” to impress the ladies of the house…the ladies, the ladies. Of course, there are no ladies in this house right now, but come MONDAY that’ll be rectified!

Depeche Mode - Ok, I think I like them more for the retro element than anything, but, they have some good hooks and melodies in their icy cool techno hearts.

Diamond Head - Oh, they had the riffs and had the sound and had it all, but they were just a bit too early for the tastes of the metal consumers. Too much too soon, as it were, and they crumbled before Metallica opened up the marketplace.

Diana Ross - She’s a diva with a capital “D”, but many of her singles are purely divine disco heaven with funky guitar and heavy bass.

Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - Any student of guitar needs to have some Dick Dale in his or her collection, just to marvel at the sounds that the true “King Of Surf Guitar” made.

Die Kreuzen - They’re a tough one to swallow for a lot of people, mainly because Dan Kubinski is perennially in need of a lozenge. If you can get around the growl, it’s pretty outstanding hardcore that has some sonic changes so it’s not just straight hard-fast-loud. But that voice…I mean…ouch! He’s got nodes on his nodes!

Digital Underground - There be only one song that you have to have by them, and I just had to get it in my collection. I think it’s that incessant bass rumble, and not the lyrics about lumpy oatmeal and Burger King bathrooms.

Dinosaur Jr. - Dear Liz. They made another album. I bought a few tracks off of it. He still sings the same way, so I won’t be putting any of it on any mixes I do for you, OK? They still rock out, so that’s why the Lord invented earbuds.

Dion - While not on the same level as Del Shannon, he had a run of excellent songs in the early 60’s that are just timeless. What stanks is that iTunes only has “Abraham, Martin and John” available by the album only. Sigh.

The Dirtbombs - Two drummers, two basses, one fuzzy guitar, and pretty authentic soul vocals. Detroit’s Dirtbombs can cover old soul songs and make them their own. “I Can’t Stop Thinking About It” is featured on a commercial now, and I hope that drives some sales their way!

Dolly Parton - Joke if you want, but she was a hell of a songwriter and a great singer, even if all you remember is the bust, the hair, and the candy striped towels in the box of Breeze detergent. Oh, ok, all you remember is the bust. Ah, well. (PS – RIP to Porter Waggoner, who really helped Dolly get her fame.)

The Donnas - On the cover of their latest album, the photo is simply the derriere of one of the Donnas, and it’s a mighty fine one at that. That kind of tells you where they’re headed for their latest, not that they ever really left anything to chance.

Donny Osmond - Ok, I had “Sweet And Innocent” on a K-Tel album. So sue me.

Donovan - He wrote some good songs, but man, what a hippy dippy weenie.

The Doobie Brothers - I had a moment of nostalgia for “What A Fool Believes” and Michael McDonald, who, once, I would love to hear open his mouth all of the way. But you know, it may be all the stuff that has gotten caught in his beard over the years.

The Doors - While I do think that the Doors are overrated by their cult, and Morrison at times turned out a whole bunch of drunken gobbledygook, some of their album cuts are pretty tasty. And then there’s “The Soft Parade”, which is too much of a train wreck not to buy and listen to on occasion.

Double - Oh, come now. You remember “The Captain Of Her Heart”, don’t you? Wait, you don’t? Ah, to be cursed blessed with a steel-trap mind.

Earth, Wind & Fire - I didn’t have “Getaway”, and I needed it. I have it now.

Eddie Floyd - He did the original of “Knock On Wood”, which many remember the disco-destructed version of that song. Otis Redding also cut a corker of a version of this.

Eddie Rabbit - Help me, I’ve been seduced by the slick country-pop of the bearded wonder. Oh, and that and I love rainy nights, too.

The Edwin Hawkins Singers - “Oh happy day / oh happy day / when Jesus washed / when Jesus washed / he washed my sins away.”

El Chicano - The good? They have some tracks by this great band (very much a more MOR version of Santana, but still great) on iTunes. The bad (for me)? They don’t have “The Enchanted Forest”, which I remember and loved as a kid.

The Electric Flag - A blues / jazz / rock hybrid with horns that was a bit too early and too pure. They did pave the way for Blood, Sweat and Tears and Chicago, but Michael Bloomfield and Buddy Miles weren’t going to tone it down for the mainstream, you know. And they didn’t.

Electric Six - They have a new album. It’s like their old albums, but you know, that means it’s good, you know!

Elvis Presley - I had to get more of Elvis on my iPod. I got some good stuff, and I got a couple of howlers, but some of the real howlers are still buried. Probably for a good reason, though.

The Embarrassment - I foolishly sold back this 2 CD set before putting ALL of it on my iPod, but you know, that means I got to support them again, and they deserved more of my hard earned coin.

Emerson, Lake And Palmer - A lot of their records were just pure bombastic garbage, but tunes like “Lucky Man” were original and vital. Then there’s the total smarm-fest of “Still…You Turn Me On.” I mean, yeah, this and that and the other, but hey, with all of those flaws, STILL, you turn me on. I think Greg Lake is leaving for the gym in 26 minutes.

Eminem - So is his name Slim Shady? Did I hear that right?

Emmylou Harris - She sings like an angel, and without Gram Parsons we may not have ever heard her.

England Dan & John Ford Coley - “England Dan” sounds like a character that they had on a local kids’ TV show from the 60’s or 70’s, when they felt they had to do some skits besides just playing cartoons one after another. “Well, look who’s coming to visit Uncle Pete, it’s England Dan.” “’Allo Kids!”

Eric Carmen - Wouldn’t you like to hear Eric Cartman sing the songs of Eric Carmen? Wouldn’t you? Think about it…Cartman sings “All By Myself” and “Never Gonna Fall In Love Again”. I’m cracking up just writing it….excuse me….ok…better now.

Eric Clapton - The Crossroads set didn’t have “Next Time You See Her”, which I had to have.

The Everly Brothers - In the late 60’s, they released an entire album of rootsy songs that were totally anachronistic to the times and also celebrated their heritage. It was pretty much ignored, but it was terrific, and now, you can buy it!

Every Mother’s Son - Yeah, they were a bit wimpy. In fact, they all resembled Robbie and Chip from My Three Sons, and I’m sure they probably would have met the Steve Douglas seal of approval. Heck, Uncle Charlie may have wanted to cut a rug to “Come On Down To My Boat”.

Oh, well, this is going to take forever, since I only got through D and E this time. Well, we still have a lot of the year left, right? Oh, and I have to double back at the end and write about the songs that I JUST bought from artists A-C. That’s OK. I’m sure you’ll enjoy!


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