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7:23 p.m. - October 29, 2007
Had To Post This!!!!
Ok, I know I was going to write about tunes today, but I had to share this:

Things are going well on the home(s) front:

Closing is all set and ready to go.

Work is doing OK. As in, Iím getting more and making contacts.

Liz, that angel, has made our house almost ready. Some big stuff has been hauled away that we donít need or want anymore. Like our snow blower. We need an upgrade, because the one that we had was a bit weenie.

But what trumps all is getting that picture today. Thatís High School Musical, if you didnít know what the tweens are all about. Fortunately, Katie hasnít asked for Hannah Montana CDs yet, but I bet DVDs are going to be under the tree on in stockings.

Ah, well, at least sheís a lot more talented than her Dad.

Not that itís saying much. And yes, I think I just broke Billy Rayís heart, his achy breaky heart.

While I am a dork and download campy songs now and then, thatís ONE that will never be on my iPod Ė unless it means I can avoid the annihilation of civilization. And then, Iíd have to try to bargain to the Spice Girls or The New Kids On The Block.

Tunes tomorrow! Lots of Ďem! I promise.*

PS Ė Congrats to City Mouse and the Sawx.

*Promise not an unconditional guarantee. See your dealer for details. Offer void in Vermont and some counties in Kentucky. A rare medical condition called Smediaism can occur in some patients taking Smedís Corner Ė so if you are playing air guitar for four hours straight, see your Doctor.


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