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10:30 p.m. - October 24, 2007
Pluses And Minuses
Today's a day of pluses and minuses:

PLUS - I got home early.

MINUS - The shoulder strap on my briefcase broke. And a zipper in my garment bag broke, so I need a new garment bag for sure. I can deal with the briefcase.

PLUS - I made some good connections at the conference. Some business cards and good conversation.

MINUS - My second presentation wasn't well received. It was first thing on Tuesday morning, and it was data heavy and this wasn't a data heavy crowd. So...there you go. Ah, well.

PLUS - I got some good stuff in the mail.

MINUS - The "154" CD from Wire has a scratch and won't rip into iTunes. Moose to the resuce?

PLUS - I finished another book: "Under The Banner Of Heaven". Jon Krakauer is an excellent author.

MINUS - I still have 41 books to finish plus more on the way. BUT, I have a lot of travel days coming up.

PLUS - It's the World Series

MINUS - The Rockies are getting SMOKED right now. It's only game one, though.

PLUS - Everything seems to be coming together for the move.

MINUS - It's not November 5th yet.

PLUS - I feel love in the air from my friends and family.

MINUS - There are no minuses for that. That is what is the most important thing.


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