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10:37 p.m. - October 17, 2007
Short Non Musical Update
Quick update, as that's all I have time for:

A. I'm flying back to Indiana Friday! Woot! I am getting up a O'Dark Thirty, but it will be worth it.

B. Tomorrow I have two conference calls and am recording a podcast for work. So, yeah, busy.

C. We have a moving day! Woot! Early November, we will be one family again!

D. I fly back to Minneapolis on Sunday. I then change terminals and fly to Atlanta for a conference. I chose this life, and this is the life I lead.

E. More tunes when I have a chance. Maybe in Atlanta? Who knows?

F. All of my friends rock! Both those that I have shared space with, and those that I have shared bytes with. Peace and love to all of you!


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