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9:19 p.m. - October 16, 2007
More New Tunes - But Other Commentary Too - SO READ IT! Dang it!
So where were we?

Ah, yes. I think we’re starting with “C”. For those non-musical readers, I’m going to weave in commentary about my recent days up here in the Cities, so everyone can enjoy.

Well, hopefully. My internet connection is currently biting the farm. “C” is also for “Comcast” which is also for “Crummy”.


Can - So you’ve got your academic Germans with advanced degrees who want to ‘deconstruct’ rock music, or something like that. And then you’ve got your atonal Japanese drifter. Hey, why not put ‘em together and make a band? They did, and you know, some of it really swings. Some of it is puts the avant-garde in avant-garde, and the songs are mostly L-O-N-G, but I trust you can deal with it.

Speaking of cans, the can that holds the recycled glass, plastic and metal cans and bottles has a rather pungent aroma of dried adult beverages mixed with week old OJ with a two-day old spilled Mountain Dew chaser. Fun!

Canned Heat - They were huge record geeks (hello!) and blues traditionalists, but that meant they got some airtime and play in the 60’s. Nothing earth-shattering but some good memories, and a spot in the Woodstock film, albeit over a montage and not showing them live on stage. Hey, that’s the berries.

25 All-Time Greatest Bubblegum Hits - This is a first-rate collection of some of the finest bubblegum out there. Most all of these groups were one hit wonders, most all of them really didn’t exist, and most all of them are good fun to sing along to. Jam to Crazy Elephant, Street People, and the The Rock & Roll Dubble Bubble Trading Card Co. Of Philadelphia 19141. Could I make up a name like that.

Captain Beyond - Lumbering in about three years too late, Captain Beyond tried to mine the old Iron Butterfly / Steppenwolf market, but alas no one was really biting. It is a heck of a name of a band, though. And the music is actually pretty decent, even with songs with multiple parts and parenthesis. I guess they studied their Moody Blues and Yes records, too.

I hope that there is excellent news soon in the reunification front. I mean here (not Korea). Hopefully, I’ve written my last rent check (three weeks worth). Please, Lord, hear my prayer and get us together soon. Amen. (Insert other deities and prayer forms as needed – just to cover my bases. Always Be Prepared!)

Carl Perkins - If not for an unfortunate car crash, Perkins could be as revered as Elvis Presley. In fact, his Sun output is much better, I think, than Presley’s early work. It was rawer and had more energy (except for a few crucial Presley rockers). Yet that car crash derailed his career, and later he struggled until old friend Johnny Cash put him in his touring band in the 60’s.

The Cars - Just one song, “Double Trouble”, from Door To Door. Never bought that album, and for a good reason. It’s not that good.

Cat Stevens - Sure, a lot of his stuff was of the whiny singer-songwriter variety, but he did write a few good ones, and those are the ones I snagged.

Speaking of whiny, when did I move to Seattle? Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. That’s all I’ve seen recently.

Celtic Frost - Everyone needs some Celtic Frost in their collection. No, really. They do! Wussies. All y’all are wussies!

Chaka Khan - It was about time that I got “I Feel For You” on my iPod, and I’m working on the opening rap as we speak. You wanna hear that, right?

Cheech & Chong - Their humor was very hit-or-miss. I guess not being a stoner I don’t get some of it. But when they hit, like “Sister Mary Elephant”, they were on fire! Heh.


The Chi-Lites - I remember receiving a K-Tel album in first grade or so, and the opening to “Power To The People” was on, and my Mom thought the record was scratched (it’s a synthesizer glissando and sounds rad even today). You may know them for ballads, but “Power To The People” is uptempo and great. I love the bass singer in this group!

Speaking of the people, have the people finally gotten sick of a lot of the mush-headed fire breathing pundits and puppets and kool-aid drinkers? Any time they try to smear someone, it’s reported (quite factually – and with audio and video tape goodness) and NOT taken out of context. Perhaps one day people like Coulter and Malkin and O’Reilly will just GO AWAY! And perhaps Chris Matthews will let someone answer a freakin’ question. And perhaps I’ll grow a third eye.

Chicago - I still have a bit of a man-crush for the way Peter Cetera sings “If You Leave Me Now”. Sigh…

Chris Isaak - Chris Isaak’s formula? Record moody songs. License them for movie soundtracks years after the fact. Profit. It’s almost tried and true with him. His popular songs are the $10 bill you left in your winter jacket in February, and you are just finding it now.

Chris Rea - In Britain, he had a long career. In the States, he had one hit: “Fool (If You Think It’s Over), and that’s definitely worth a spin or three. Check it out – you MAY remember it.

Christopher Cross - It’s not true that Cross sued the makers of MTV as his career was derailed once people got a look at him. Did his lawyer advise him to “Lose some weight, and stop writing romantic songs about a drunken fool?” Dunno.

Chumbawumba - Ok, everybody sing as loud as they can: “I GET KNOCKED DOWN…”

Cinderella - Are you tough enough for my love? Well, are ya punk? ‘Cos I’m coming home.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - I’m beginning to think know that this band is 100% hype and no real substance. I’m done with them. Fortunately this time I only spent 99 cents plus tax.

Speaking of nothing in particular, but this woman:

is Michelle Bachmann, and she’s a member of Congress from the 6th District here in Minnesota. Somehow, she got elected in 2006 even though Minnesota is rather progressive (well, except the 6th I guess) and her best boyfriend ever is W. Or she wishes they were boyfriend or girlfriend, so they could go out together and make fun of gay people and go log some virgin forests and deny kids health insurance and give money to rich, evil companies. Oh, but she’s complained about the strenuous work week that a member of Congress has. All five days a week of it. Here’s a good summary of her laze.

But she’s not my district. Pity. I’d love to vote against her.

The Clash - I got off my arse and downloaded a lot of songs from Sandanista! that I liked and weren’t on the compilation I had.

The Clique - Talk about bubblegum goodness. They did “Superman” (which REM later covered) and also recorded one of the best pop songs ever, “Sugar On Sunday”. My teeth almost rotted out when I listened to that the first time.

The Cloud Room - Didn’t someone give me this recommendation? Anyone wanna take credit? I thank you for it.

The Coasters - You have to have some Coasters in your collection. It’s a must. Charlie Brown…Charlie Brown…he’s a clown…

Con Funk Shun - They got a short shrift from critics, but I think they were a mighty tasty funk band.

Concrete Blonde - You know, a lot of their fans later in their career irritated me. I mean, they were OK, and she wasn’t that great of a songwriter (too predictable and cliché-ridden for me), but “True” and “Still In Hollywood” are pretty good.

Conway Twitty - I think everyone of my generation remembers the TV ad for a country compliation that started with “Hello Darlin’…Nice to See You”. You know, he’s a pretty fine singer. And he started out as a rockabilly dude in the 50’s.

The Cowsills - You may think of them as lightweight popsters, but II X II was a bizarro world masterpiece. Especially “The Prophecy of Daniel and John the Divine (Six-Six-Six)” which they sang on The Tonight Show and had the moppets going “Six-six-siiiiiiiix” in the background. No foolin’!

Cream - Thanks to a great episode of Classic Albums, I got an appreciation for some of Disraeli Gears that I had previously ignored.

Creedence Clearwater Revivial - I’m picking up dribs and drabs from their albums, and “Ramble Tamble” is a must have. It choogles right along with the best of them!

Crosby, Stills & Nash - I got a couple of tracks from their first record, which I think now completes all I need to hear by them. As they grew older, they grew more wind-baggy. I think I just made up a word. Heh.

Culture - In 1977, they released Two Sevens Clash, which is a landmark reggae album that everyone needs to take a listen to. The re-released version has some dub mixes that are just stellar.

Cypress Hill - If you could just kill a man, would that not make you insane in the brain?

The Cyrkle - Yeah, no one really remembers them, and their big hit was written by Paul Simon (they did send a thank you card, I think), but all I can say is that they rocked the turtlenecks.

Wait, one of the bobbleheads on the baseball playoffs (Tim McCarver) just said that “You would think that a lead-off home run would lead to fewer multi-run innings than a lead off walk. But that’s not the case.”

No, really??

Ok, non-sports fans. Let’s do some math.

If you hit a home run to lead off the inning, how many runs do you have in that inning? One.

If you walk to lead off an inning, how many runs do you have at that time in that inning? Zero.

I think starting from one with three outs to go leads to more runs than starting from zero with three outs to go.

But I was just a simple math major.

It’s still MUSIC WEEK, and one day I’ll get through everything I’ve subjected my credit card to this year! Heh.


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