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8:30 p.m. - October 12, 2007
Videos For A Saturday Morning!
Ah, itís the weekend. And for Saturday, letís go to the videotape.

Er, the videos on the intraweb.

Yeah, thatís better.

You know, Iíll let you in on a little secret. Each day AFTER Music Week I will post a video from You Tube. Itíll be ďSmedís Video CornerĒ so even if Iím writing an essay on something else totally, you can still have musical goodness.

Just what you wanted, right?

Of course it is!

Anyway, here we go with some videos for a Saturday.

We start off with some Fairport Convention. Yep, not with Sandy Denny, but Richard Thompson is on guitar. I think I recognize him, but this was 1970, and itís 2007 now. So, yeah, heís aged a bit. ďNow Be ThankfulĒ was a single, not on an album until they started to make compilations.

In honor of Radiohead, letís spin the wayback machine to their first oozings. You would have never guessed they would be doing what they are doing now, right? I think I tagged them for a Bush-like (the band) career arc. Oops!

Everyone needs to party, right? Well, who does a party better than the B-52s? No one. No one at all. Dig the little porn-stache on Fred. I think heís related to John Waters, somehow.

Liz and I requested that the DJ play this song at our wedding, and of course, most of the wedding party DID the dance, too. Heh. It was quite the sight, and our parents were, um, nonplussed.

I was so happy to find this next one. Wait, is that Kenny Rogers introducing Badfinger? I need to do some research. Hold on.

Ah, OK. Thanks internet! The First Edition hosted a show based out of Canada called ďRolling On The RiverĒ and Badfinger were a guest one day. OK, then!

The next one is truncated, but I think it was truncated on Belgain TV, or something. Anyway, itís King Crimson doing the first half of ďLarksí Tongue In Aspic, Part OneĒ. Percussionist Jamie Muir is a mad man! Unfortunately, because itís TV, they didnít really BLAST out, like they do on the record. Ah, wellÖ

Filmed in Denmark, I guess. For Japanese TV, I think. It kicks ass, I know! Itís Deep Purple!

Itís amazing how a band can change. Can you believe that Judas Priest went from looking like this:

To this:

That was from 1975 to 1982. Wow. It also shows how insidious male pattern baldness can be!

I leave you with this. Itís not music, but itís funny. It has the Liz seal of approval as well! Really!


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