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6:35 p.m. - October 07, 2007
It's MUSIC WEEK! Here Are Some Videos To Kick It Off! Yeahhhhhhh!
Oh, heck, let’s just do a video placeholder. You know, I’m about ready to declare music week….

Alright, peer pressure. It’s MUSIC WEEK!

So, on with the videos. Some of these I need. Some I just like. And here we go:

Wow, the song is great, and I need it on iTunes. It was a pretty big hit back in my day. But the video?? WOW! It’s as bad as bad can be!

Sometimes you just need to use YouTube as a juke box. Take this, for instance. Huge when I was a roller skatin’ fool at the Skate Corrall. Still, no one asked me on ‘ladies choice for couples only’. Sigh.

Again, YouTube as jukebox. Anyone remember the Sylvers? Foster was the Michael Jackson of the Sylvers, and this song was my introduction to them. They had a few hits as an entire group, including:

(And you wonder why The Captain and Tennille show was cancelled? That was about as excited as The Captain got!) I really need to find “Boogie Fever, too”

Now, I have the following song, but I just wanted to post it:

Jane Wiedlin’s my girl!

And yes, I’m looking for the above song.

In the late 80’s, a bunch of pretty boys got hits that were guilty pleasures for me. I have this one in my collection:

But I need THIS one:

See, guilty pleasures?

Here’s another one:

So what did the chick in the band do, besides shake that little thing?

I shared the following with some of my friends. Everyone needs a little PJ Harvey, and here she is singing my favorite song of hers. Notice – double drummers!

Here’s a blast from the past! Crank it and annoy your boss!

It could be argued that the Bad Brains were the best hardcore band EVER! This song just makes me want to jump around and break stuff!

You can do some need things with video:

I wish the fidelity was better, but that’s a mashup of the infamous song “Pay To Cum” by the Bad Brains with Leonard Nimoy’s “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” video. I think the dancing makes more sense with the hardcore! And if you haven’t heard “Pay To Cum” before, now you have. You have come correct!

And I leave you with this:


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