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8:46 p.m. - October 05, 2007
My Own Space!
Well it was a good red-letter day here for yours truly in the land of Lutherans, politeness, and the most famous bathroom stall in the world.

I had a good Friday training session.

I had a good coaching sessions. These sessions are trying to get at my bedrock truths and strip away the lies I have told myself for years. Yeah, psychobabbly goobledy gook. But it make sense, you know.

I solidified a keynote speaking gig at a conference in Charleston in February. I mean, there are worse places to be than Charleston in February, you know.

Katie, I found, is reading at a quite high level and her writing is improving greatly. I think she'll be ready for third grade soon, right? Heh. (Oh, please no!)



No more conference room. No more guessing if I had voice mail. I have a space. My own space.

So I had le iPod on whilst I was moving stuff back and forth (and amusing the Word Processing area). After one load, the song "Dear Lover" by Social Distortion came on my headphones.

And of course, I spent the next 3 minutes or so blazing some air rhythm guitar.

Kick ass!


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