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10:07 a.m. - October 03, 2007
No Need To Be Grumpy!
You know, the old Smed would have been morose and angry last night, and continued to this morning.


It was raining when I left work, and Highway 100 was backed up from 77th street past my exit onto Highway 62. When I was leaving the office, I was talking to the family, and Katie was on the phone and dawdled (scolding Kristin and Liz about something) and then when I got into traffic I couldnt talk because I needed to concentrate.

It turns out that 169 was also backed up. For some reason, the north-south routes on my commute turn into 15-MPH parking lots in the rain.

I forgot my power cord for my laptop, so I only had about 75 minutes of battery time on the laptop at home. Not a big deal, really, but it limited my ability to read some web sites and play some baseball games.

I had plans to go get my laundry and then go by Laps to drop off some mix CDs for her since she helped me out, big time, a couple of weekends ago. I also wanted to go by Super Target to get some groceries and aGeorge Foreman grill. (Its cheap and I had a yearning for steak and chicken. I do have a broiler and I used it once but I dont trust my oven that much.) Anyway, whilst I was in Target Lap tried to call she had an emergency and had to leave the house. Ah, well. So it was a trip to pick up laundry.

When I got to the laundry it wasnt ready. The owner was apologetic, and Ill just pick it up today. I mean, my schedule is SOOOO FULL (hah). So depending on if Lap will be home tonight or tomorrow, Ill just do the laundry / Lap lap of the Cities tonight.

It was rather fortunate, I guess, that my plans were waylaid because I had an emergency constitutional that I needed to take so much of an emergency that I bolted from my car to get upstairs to take it. In doing so, I dropped the headphones of my iPod in the parking lot. Today, when I went to the parking lot my headphones were by my car and one of the little ear buds was crushed because a car ran over them.

See, I could really be angry or down about it. But it was all little things, really. Traffic is traffic what can you do? I spent the time at home without the computer listening to my iPod on my iPod clock-radio-stereo thing-deal-bit and reading a book and the papers. Its not like I have every minute planned and I really like getting out of the house so another trip to Uptown and to Target to get headphones isnt a thing.

I did speak to the girls and Liz and things are going great there. Its nice to have some closure and a sense of what will be happening soon. There is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.

Im going to become active, but active with my family, my church, my work, and on issues that matter to me. Im in an area now that really leans toward my particular brand of politics (or at least there are more kindred spirits) so Im going to feel more confident in raising my voice and following what is happening in the world at large. My new heroes are Keith Olbermann and John Stewart. Oh, wait, Ive always liked them. Anyway

Also, Im going to take care of myself. The choices I make will be the right choices. My health and safety are job 1 for me especially in this new career paradigm.

Ah, nuts, I just realized that I forgot to take my pills this morning. So watch out, Im going to morph into a cranky old man soon. GET THE HELL OFF OF MY LAWN, KIDS! I want my Maypo!


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