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9:05 a.m. - September 26, 2007
Complaining Ahoy!
It may be time to retire my purple no complaining bracelet, because Iíve definitely had some things to complain about. I could go all Frank Costanza at Festivus on a lot of people.

Oh, heck, why notÖ

First, I still donít have the internet in my apartment, and Iím getting beyond riled up about it. I know I really shouldnít be spending important waking hours goofing around online, but sometimes I will need to work from here and to have to pull up stakes and go to the nearest coffee shop is the height of suckitude.

Actually, no, there are many many things higher in suckitude than that, like two of your best friends making fun of punctuation, like, well, disease, hunger, the Bush Administration, but you get the idea.

Second, Iím convinced that people who drive Corvettes are the rudest drivers in the land. I was merging onto Highway 62 today and this doofus-head behind me on the merge speeds up, then moves to the right of me, then behind me, then right again and then zooms past me and THEN goes right back in front of me, as the traffic in front slowed up. Hey, dork, itís MERGING TRAFFIC and your precious little hot rod isnít going to get merged into traffic any faster.

As many people do in this day and age, I texted my indignation to a friend. I let Designerchica know, because I know she thinks like me when it comes to rudity.

She responded by saying something about the length of some thing or other on his person. Heh. I expected nothing less. Though ďLittle WillyĒ was soon stuck in my head.

Third, there are many many streets in this area that are irritating. Not because theyíre curvy, bumpy, or narrow. Nope. Theyíre irritating because they change names, willy nilly, for no good reason.

Case in point Ė the street I live on intersects a fairly major thoroughfare that takes traffic into St. Louis Park and Minneapolis. North of the major thoroughfare, it changes names.

No, it doesnít change cities. No, it doesnít curve. It just changes names. Same street, different name.

I spoke of this to Lap and she said that sheís used to it now, but can definitely see how that could be irritating.

I even find the way they name some of the streets charming. They have to make up names, somehow, or appropriate some names because of the alphabetical way they sometimes do a north-south street. Zinran, Zarthan, Xylon, Xenwood, to name a few. Of course, they have a real cool name in Xerxes Avenue. All hail Xerxes! Heís due for a comeback.
But the thing that irritated me the most happened this morning. (This would be Tuesday morning, but thanks to my internetís communication breakdown Ė Iím posting this a day late. Grrrrr!) We have conference calls once a week at 6:30 in the morning. That makes sense as we could be expected at a clientís site at 8:00 AM or so in the east, so a 6:30 Central call is OK.

But itís no fun if one of the members of the call is in an airport.

Actually, that would be OK. Itís no fun in an airport that has a horrifically loud and crackly sound system that obliterates all sonic waves in a 5 square mile radius whilst they announce that itís the last call for the 6:40 AM flight to Omaha.

So while you are in the midst of a salient point, you get totally blasted out of your head by thisÖthis noiseÖ

And you havenít even finished your Fruity Pebbles yet.

Anyway, thatís Smedís Complaints for today.

I mean, there are bigger fish to fry in the world. Thatís why I have the purple bracelet.

Or hadÖI think thatís lost its mojo now. Donít worry, I have 99 more in my car.

One of them HAS to work!

(Oh, while Iím on a roll, the season premiere of Special Victims Unit is a trainwreck with convenient plot resolutions and two dimensional characters. But what else is new??)


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