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9:09 a.m. - September 25, 2007
I'm Lame And Quoting The Music Man
My internet was on for about five hours on Sunday - long enough for me to see my fantasy football team be outscored by Michael Westbrook.

No lie.

Last night, after I called and they were going to 'reset' the system - there was still an issue. The system was connected, but it's not receiving any packets of information.

So I'm going to be silent and / or lame for a while. Wait, I'm already lame.

And contrary...oh wait, that's Iowa.

So anyway, I'm here. The weekend was 'meh' but I'm glad I have friends in high places.

PS - Credit is no good for an notions salesman.

PSS - I wonder how anvil salesmen carried around their stuff?

PSSS - Mandolin picks perhaps and here and there a jew's harp.

PSSSS - I need to get a life.


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