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8:53 p.m. - September 17, 2007
There Is No Home W/O Them
So Iím sitting here, having just finished dinner. Liz called about a half hour ago, but as Katie was talking to me the electricity went out. It wasnít due to weather, so itís a mystery. So now, Stuart Scott is yelling at me at the top of his voice about football, and Iím just waiting until itís time for the Twins game and then flip over to Monday Night Football. Such is life here.

I was back in Cíville for the weekend, and I really, really needed that. Liz and the girls did too. Unfortunately, everyone (except me) was congested and tired and fighting colds and a fever. So by 9:00, everyone was sound asleep but me. Ah, well.

Kristin is growing like the proverbial, clichť-ridden weed, but most of her growth has been in motor and verbal skills since I left. She is starting to jabber all of the time, and can clearly enunciate some words (and not so much on many others). She actually says her name now and can hold her own against her sister. For a small child for her age, sheís pretty darn strong. And sheís opinionated too.

Katie is doing so well at school, and she really loves it. Sheís doing some math (we played a math game) and is reading well. Her writing is getting better as well. Sheís blossoming in Kindergarten. She seems so old now.

It was so so so so so so so great to see everyone. I had an outstanding time. Liz and I decided that we really need to reunite sooner rather than later, so hopefully some divine intervention will occur and they can move up soon. Otherwise, well, there is a Plan B being formulated.

What really struck me as odd, though, was my lack of a feeling that the house was truly my home. Yes, some of my stuff was there (some books and clothes) but in reality, it wasnít my home anymore. I may only be in the house once or twice more, depending on travel back to Indiana.

But this place isnít home either. My apartment is merely a temporary solution to the current issue of having dual households.

And my internet has been sporadic as of late. I could blame the apartment complex, or Comcast. You know, it may be a tie.


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