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9:06 p.m. - August 30, 2007
A Random Disjointed Mess
Could it be any better? Well, besides having the house sell and Liz and the girls up here?

Not today no.

I accomplished everything that I wanted to do today. OK, except for totally figuring out my new phone and how I’m supposed to get email on my phone. Perhaps I’m just impatient or something.

Yes, I’ve caved and bought a new phone. It’s a Blackjack, and I guess there’s no turning back, Jack. (Do it again…) I’m a total career yup-hound now.

I even have one of those ear piece things, but I think I’m only going to use that in the car, because it looks kind of dorky. And it IS annoying to not notice someone have one on and then think they’re talking to you.

I’ll be careful with it, though, for sure. I won’t take a chance of fumbling around with it. It wasn’t cheap.

(I also will be careful about using the restroom in the airport here in Minneapolis as well…right Senator??)

Anyway, I think I have the phone worked out except for that. I do have a separate ring tone for Liz, but I had to give up “99 Luftballoons” because I couldn’t find the actual version and these are musical ringtones. For Liz, I have “I Wanna Be With You” by the Raspberries. For everyone else, I have “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide”. But I think for my business contacts I’ll need something more generic.


Oh, did I mention Liz is coming up this weekend?

Yes, she’s arriving Saturday! Woot.

So pardon my randomness – I’m rather much focused on that and some writing and presentations that I have to do for work. And my new phone. I need to get the dishes done and hang up my laundry. I’ll also need to change the sheets.

But I still can’t find my darn socks that I thought I packed on my trip to South Dakota. I’d say the cats took them, but there are no cats in my apartment.

I’d say they were eaten by wolves.

Oh, by the way, baby, I’m A Star!


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