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11:38 a.m. - August 15, 2007
Goodbye BFE Land
I never knew it would be this hard, or this rough on me.

I never thought I'd be reduced to being the stoic silent type whilst going through all kinds of emotional turgidity inside.

I never thought it would be hard to express exactly what's going on in my head. But it is.

It's like the kill shot - the body blow followed by the uppercut. The feeling you have right when Samuel L. Jackson takes a bite of your Big Kahuna Burger.

Yesterday I had lunch with the troops from Wabash, and that was fun. We talked about the upcoming football season and who was replacing me as PA announcer. Actually, Sid has a new PA man, someone doing defense and someone doing participation, and has yet to figure out who is doing the scoreboard.

I did all of those last year.

But as I was driving home, I got a bit sullen and sad. I also was miffed, since Satan's Discount Store didn't have a simple bar that you can put in your car to hang clothes.

Then I took Katie and my nephew Ben swimming. Katie was having a ball.

It was starting to hit me. I was leaving in two days.

Then it hit me again. We had to go to meet the teacher night at school. Katie was starting kindergarten.

Liz, Katie and I went to the elementary school. We found her room, and met the teacher. She has a lot of friends in her class - Hannah, Delaney, Abby and Matty, and also a lot of other friends at the school (Justice, Nicole, Donnie, Karsten, Kayleigh, Sam) so she won't be alone.

But my little girl is going to school.

I couldn't handle it - I had to go into a fortress of solitude for a while.

This morning was rough as well because I had to get up and see Katie off on the school bus. She matter of factly walked on the bus after saying goodbye to us.

We then took Kristin to a day care so we could get some stuff done without any kidlets underfoot.

Then I went to Lafayette to buy a $#*^#@ bar for the car. Yeesh.

So today is it - as tomorrow as soon as Katie gets on the bus and I can spend some cuddle time with Liz and Kristin, I'm off to Minnesota. I am having a trusted friend post some mixes that I've already written, but I won't be in internet contact until Monday.

Liz and I are going to lunch soon, which is good that we spend some us time, and we will tonight. But still, it's hard. I just keep reminding myself that it's the best thing for US, as a unit, and that's the most important thing. It may be three months apart, but it will be so much better in the end.

I just hope I can survive the three months.

Goodbye, BFE land. I'll miss you.


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