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10:05 a.m. - August 14, 2007

This is a boring, standard blog type entry - not some witty ramblings of a crazed man in essay format. Sometimes, you just gotta do this.

Things are going well here. Thanks for asking. Liz did an outstanding job at getting the house ready for pictures. We're going to start showing the house on Friday.

The visit with Liz's oldest sister and her family is going well. I whipped up some spaghetti last night for everyone and it was well received. We're going to go swimming this afternoon to beat the heat.

While we're going swimming, Liz is going to research utility bills, etc. for the real estate paperwork. Joy!

Yesterday, in an effort to get the kids out of the house, we went to Satan's Discount Store and then I took the girls by where Mom grew up (a farm 7 miles south of town), then by where Dad grew up, at my grandmother's old house in Ladoga. I don't know how much Katie got out of it, but it was important for me to show Katie and Kristin those places before I move.

I had a great lunch with Designerchica, and today I'm having lunch with the Wabash crew. Then Wednesday is packing and Thursday, I'm gone. But you knew that already!


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