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11:35 a.m. - August 10, 2007
Flower Girl
Busy day in hot BFE land.

Tonight, we head to the rehearsal our former pastor's step-daughter's wedding, which is tomorrow.

She's 18.

She had good grades, and was accepted at four of five colleges, but no, she's getting married and staying here in town and working the night shift at Satan's Optical Lab.

Her soon to be hubby is 19.

I really hope it works out. I really do. But wow. 18 and 19 - that's a tough road.

Why are we going? Well, it IS our former pastor's daughter and we liked them a lot. Katie is also the flower girl.

This is the second time she's been a flower girl. The first time was in LA in 2004, when she was 2 1/2. I couldn't go because it was near the fiscal year end and I had to be on duty at work. I did get pictures of her in the dress, but no pictures from her at the wedding.


Well, the bride hasn't had a chance to develop them yet.


The bride is one of Liz's oldest friends. She's an attorney out in LA. She used to be a public defender before that really got stressful.

Her claim to fame is that she married a Mousketeer. No not one of the old old ones, nor one of the ones in the 90's. They had a Mickey Mouse club show in the mid 70's, and she married one of them.

But he hasn't been in the biz for a while, so no autographs, please!

Anyway, Katie is the flower girl tomorrow and her pal Caleb, the pastor's son, is the ring bearer. Or as Katie calls him, "the ringmaster."

Stay tuned for The Adventures of Ring Master and Flower Girl!


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