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8:09 p.m. - August 04, 2007
So I'm Sitting There, Waiting...
So I’m sitting there, waiting…

That was the refrain today as we decided to pollute our system with fast, greasy, yet yummy chicken that’s the stock in trade of some military chap from the state one below us.

I had spent most of the afternoon at a birthday party for Katie’s friend Justice at her grandmother’s house. The house has a pool, which is perfect for a kids’ party but not so perfect if you are refereeing a kids’ party. But I did my job, and all was well, except Katie got bitten by a mosquito during a water balloon game, which caused her to miss the water balloon and thus end her chance at a prize.

She still got way too much candy, though.

Liz did a lot of little things around the house today in preparation for the house going on the market (which is in one week, I believe, if all goes well) and that was another reason for me getting out and going to the party with Katie.

So we were both tired and not in a mood too cook, thus the trip to K-Y Fry.

So I’m sitting there, waiting…

As I drive into the parking lot, I see a couple go to their car. She’s wearing a tank top with a witty saying on it, and he’s, well, he’s a non-descript dude with a baby moustache and some knockoff Oakley sunglasses. He’s also wearing cutoffs and a tank top. It’s all clinched by her hawking a loogy before she opens the car door. How demure! How chic!

They’ve just repaved the lot, so it’s nice and smooth. That’s nice.

There’s a van in front of me, but hopefully it won’t take too long. Sometimes, this franchise is a bit pokey, especially if you don’t time it right and they run out of the extra crispy chicken and you have to wait on another batch to get ready.

So I’m sitting there, waiting…

Off to the side, I see an employee leaning against a fence, cigarette in hand, headset around her neck. She has to be one of the drive-up people taking a break. She’s leaning back, and this dude is talking to her. It seems that he’s invading her personal space, or close to it. He’s talking, gesturing, and did I see a finger point.

She’s leaning back, talking, looking over at me and trying to smile.

So I’m sitting there, waiting…

The van in front of me moves, lurches forward, but then backs up. What is the deal? I have the iPod on (first it was Del Shannon, and now it’s the Kaiser Chiefs, so this has been a two-song wait at the drive-up already) so I can’t hear the conversation either at the drive-up or of the couple in the parking lot.

The woman leaning against the fence looks like she wants to get going, but the dude is still talking and talking…

So I’m sitting there, waiting…

Finally, the van moves forward and I pull up. I turn the music down and roll down the window. I know EXACTLY what I want to order. It’s the same thing every time. We have found our meal at KFC and that’s what works.

The Kaiser Chiefs are almost done and still nothing, finally…

“Take a look at the menu and I’ll be with you shortly.”



It seems they’re a bit understaffed, and it is about 6:40 on a Saturday night, which seems to be prime dinner hours. Yet one of theirs is still outside, still leaning against a fence talking to her boyfriend, or better, listening TO her boyfriend.

She’s not a young woman – mid 30’s, Hispanic. He’s older, I think – or has lived harder – some pasty dude in a crew cut, cut offs, and yes, a tank top. Anyway, it’s not some teenage thing.

Finally…I get the go-ahead to order, and I do so.

I pull forward, and Sagittarius clicks on the iPod. The van pulls out and I pull forward. The window is open but no one is there. In fact, I only see one employee and she’s helping some woman at the counter with some coupons. I didn’t realize that to use a coupon there you needed a translator, or something.


Another employee emerges – it’s some tattooed young buck that ambles toward the condiments and rearranges them and then ambles back.

Finally…Juanita rushes to the window, and tells me the total.

Juanita – that’s her name. She’s the one who was having the discussion there on break. Thanks for interrupting your personal life to serve me.

I give her my debit card and she goes to swipe it, then goes to do something at the register, and then…and then…


Finally, she gives me the card, the receipts, and then the food, which is in a large bag carrying a bucket o’chicken, a box o’rolls and our bowls o’sides. She does this almost all at once, which makes it awkward. My mood is the antithesis of the song on my iPod, which is a nice gentle sunshine pop production. If I had a mood detecting iPod, it probably would have started some of the Sepultura I just downloaded instead.

I speed off toward home, irate at the wait. The Monkees come on the iPod and that doesn’t even cheer me up.


And to think, for some chicken, I had to move my purple bracelet to my right wrist. Yeesh.


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