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9:20 p.m. - August 01, 2007
Errand Boy!
(*NOTE : I was not in Minneapolis today – the scenes from that bridge collapse are horrific – and I only hope Mommylap, Kitchenlogic and Legalbeagle are OK!)

For the next two weeks, I have a new title.

Errand Boy.

Well, it’s better than what Katie dubbed Liz and I today (“Bath Girl and Towel Boy”) (long story) (no, really, it is), but today, and for the foreseeable future, until I move to Minnesota, I’m Errand Boy.

Today, it was definitely an errand boy day, as we started on our journey to pack up and move this household.

First, I had to take my beloved CDs to my favorite music store in Indy Luna Music. Yes, except for about 30 to 40 that Liz wants to keep for her car, and a few box sets, they’re all going, going, gone.

But I didn’t realize that they closed their location on 86th Street, but they have a cool new store in Broad Ripple, and it’s always cool to drive through that area.

I had six large Rubbermaid containers of CDs, plus about 50 albums, and the proprietor (a rad dude named Todd) is going to call me later in the week for a price. I’m sure it will be sufficient – I have faith in him.

They’re groovy people and it’s a groovy store – I spent a ginormous amount of money there back in the day. And now, they have their CDs back. Wow.

Then I had to go to a U-Haul store to get packing material.

That is when it started to hit home that we’re moving. When you load your CR-V full with a bundle of boxes, two dish barrels, a box of bubble wrap and three large rolls of packing tape, you’re not just packing a few things away for the garage.

Then I had to go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We have had an issue with our cats and I was buying a product that was to take care of said issue.

That errand done, I motivated up to Lafayette in order to pick up my other two new suits. But I noticed that my boat shoes had holes in the soles. Or a sole hole in the sole, as it were. Still, that’s not what you’re looking for in footwear, so I went to Target and found some shoes that I could just slip on to wear around the house.

I got those shoes (Oh, no I can’t do that – once I start wearing those shows (wah-wah-wahhhhhhh))(sorry – I have just quoted the Eagles – but it’s a good Eagles song with Don Felder and Joe Walsh spewing all over it) and then went to pick up the suits. There was only one of the Dell Brothers working today, and he was helping another customer purchase some clothes so I patiently waited.

And waited…

And waited…

It seems the credit card machine got all askew on the treadle…er…when he was trying to change the paper.

Dude, if you can’t change the paper in your credit card machine, you expect me to trust you in tailoring my suits? Well, yeah, I guess so, because I used to have a dickens of a time changing the tape in my adding machine.

Then it was back to the homestead. The storage room shelves seem empty now without the CDs, but I’ll get used to it. I’m going to back up my music drive soon, so I won’t have an issue with lost tunes.

That would be a bummer.

Tomorrow, Errand Boy will be taking Kristin swimming while Liz and Katie go big-girl shopping for her school clothes. A rite of passage, a dent in the wallet, and some good mother-daughter bonding awaits them. Then, we shall meet with a realtor and then in a few days decide who we will sign with to sell this house.

And then one of you will buy it – tomorrow! For 15% over our asking price!


(I know – stop living in my dream world…)


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