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10:29 p.m. - July 29, 2007
A Briefing
Let's be brief, shall we?

Trip to MN - Groovy.

Studio Apartment - Deposited.

Furnished - Yep.

Dishwasher - Nope.

Paper Plates - Probably.

Mommylap - Seen.

CDs for Mommylap- Given.

No link for Mommylap- Nope. No updates.

Fun with Mommylap - You bet.

Paperwork from new job - Received.

Insurance form to fill out - Ginormous.

Where new apartment is located - Hopkins.

Route scouted out to go to office - Done, with a backup.

Route scouted out to go to the airport - Only one, but a alternate will follow.

Real Estate Agent - Met.

Houses in Our Price Range And Suburbs - 82 thus far. We need to put a few more restrictions on our search.

Trip there - Lots of corn in Iowa.

Trip back - Brewers radio station has a decent signal, and they need bullpen help.

Trip tomorrow - New Orleans. Flying through O'Hare.

Through O'Hare? - Yep. Pray for me.

Back when? - Late Tuesday. Again, flying through O'Hare. So it could be next Tuesday.

Carry on? - Yep.

Purchased trial size toothpaste and deodorant - Yep.

Ziploc bagged 'em - Yep.

House On The Market - Soon.

Bedtime - Soon. Have iTunes stuff to do.

Kids - Hugged.

Liz? - Kissed.

Cats - Petted.

Good night, everyone!


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