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7:39 a.m. - July 19, 2007
A Few Days Of Fun (?)(!)
I suppose it’s only right and true and just.

In the near future, since I’ll be moving up in August, and then, of course, there’s the road work, Liz will be holding down the home front.

So it’s only proper that she and Snow White have a girls’ LONG weekend together starting today.

Yep, I’m single Dad for a few days. But I can handle it.

I dealt with it yesterday – took both cherubs to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. And let me tell you THAT was an experience.

It was dark and stormy and raining, so it was a perfect day to go to the museum. Of course, that meant that almost every day camp in the Indianapolis area thought the same thing. So it was pretty darn crowded with a lot of bigger kids.

So much so that Katie and Kristin were kind of ran out of the new maze exhibit because there were so many bigger kids that could have trodden upon them.

But the Dinosphere is always good, and Playscapes is a refuge from the bigger kids, though there were a ginormous amount of little kids there, too.

Face it, it was busy.

The amazing thing is that just by observing them at a museum, you can really tell how old they’re getting. Kristin is no longer shy and is romping all over the age appropriate toys, and Katie is a real take-charge person.

That makes me feel all warm inside, because they’re growing up and doing well.

We talked about Minnesota and the winter at dinner last night. Katie wants to learn to ice skate and then wanted to learn to skate on the snow. We told her that was skiing. Of course, she’s excited about starting dance class (she wants to take ballet this year) and starting kindergarten and well, she’s just excited.

Kristin is happy. That’s all you need to say. I mean, she’s not that happy when Katie doesn’t share the meerkat, but that’ll happen you know. It’s a sister thing.

I think the whole family is happy now. We have an excellent adventure ahead of us. I start the journey next week with my initial foray into the area with finding a furnished apartment near the office and then doing some initial paperwork.

And after that, I get to relax at home with Liz and the girls until mid-August. Oh, yeah, Liz’s oldest sister and her family are coming over to visit for a few days in August, but that should be fun.

And then, I have to start work again.

I hope I remember what I’m supposed to be doing…


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