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1:55 p.m. - July 11, 2007
Some Things On Me Noggin...
I have a lot of things on my mind, as I wait for the time to make two calls and then get to sleep before I travel to Waco. I have to wake up at 4 FREAKIN’ 30 in the AM to make my flight, and have to get dressed in a suit that early. Yeesh.

Thank goodness the job search is ending soon. I should have an offer in writing today and others coming very soon. To that end, I’ve resigned from all of my community boards, etc. that I was involved in here in BFE land.


We had our first semi-serious cat / child incident yesterday. Katie gave Butch a trim last night with her safety scissors, so now Butch has some shorn whiskers on one side of his face.

I bet that’s happened to cats more often than not if in a home with a preschool child. Still, though, it’s rather much changed the child / cat dynamic around here.


iTunes is even worse than a bad gambling habit, I think.


Because if you’re like me, you think of songs that you should download, etc. and justify the cost by saying that they’re only 99 cents.

45 minutes later, those 99 cent songs add up to some real caysh money, homes.


If your boss perceives that you have made a mistake, and has given you some discipline because of it, don’t get mad.

Think of it this way, where you EXECUTED because of it?

Oh, wait, if you were, you wouldn’t be reading it.

Anyway, the Chinese have executed the government official in charge of the Chinese FDA for taking bribes in conjunction with his approval of fake medication.

Here in America, we just pardon or commute the sentence of our cronies, yes men and sycophants and the angst and posturing can go on for days and weeks.

A good dictator always knew when to cut their losses and get rid of their toadies when their usefulness was outlived.

Say what you want, at least it’s a clean and efficient way to do business.


I just like to say something to a certain segment of the population – many of whom are probably NOT reading this.

If you are a young female (20-40) in the grocery store, and you have some *assets* in the front, and you also are wearing a halter and tank top that forces your *assets* front and center, please realize that some of the males are not trying to stare as you bend down to get things out of your cart to put on the checkout line. I count to 3 (or 2) and look away. So don’t look all huffy. Better yet, keep those things under control, ma’am. Bras are a helpful thing.

And you, 75 year old man waiting for your wife by the checkout counter – I saw your leering smile at said young woman. Wipe that smile off of your face!


I think we’re already wishing for school to start.

Sibling rivalry is too kind of a term, it seems.


Thank goodness for TiVo. Not only did it allow Liz to watch a Law & Order episode before I watched the All-Star game last night, but I could watch the game at 2x speed which allowed me to see the action, but avoided the commentary of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.

Nine innings of Buck and McCarver accelerates the rate of decay of your brain cells.


Unfortunately, I had no such luck watching the NECKCAR race on Saturday night. I swear to God (and other deities that care to listen and chime in) that we are losing our ability to speak English mainly because we allow yahoos on the air that say stuff like “He done run good at Bristol” or “They was hoping for a caution flag”.


I’m no grammar snob. Hell, I’m from Indiana, so how can I be. But still…


Is there anything worse than waiting for a phone to ring?


It’s waiting for someone to send you an email that they said they would send.


Be out tomorrow and Friday. Explore my archives, and enjoy the free munchies during happy hour.


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