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6:04 p.m. - July 08, 2007
A Short Admonition To You, The Reader
I have felt like a cat set on extra-lazy today. But it's 95 degrees, so I'm allowed.

This is a quick one (while Liz is away), because I just wanted to say that in a day or so I'm going to be posting pictures and writing an essay about our trip to the zoo.

But you didn't read about it here. Remember that, OK? You read about it somewhere else!

So when you see the pictures of our cute cherubs having fun, or read about my encounter with a state cop that will reduce our net worth by $150 (and the little cherubs in the back seat didn't sway his heart at all), then remember, you didn't read it here.

When you are surprised that Liz and I can have been a couple since January 1993 and she didn't know I hated mayo, or that I didn't realize something that she just told me as well, then you didn't read it here.

OK? I just wanted to make that clear.

Carry on, but keep it a secret!


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