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10:49 a.m. - July 05, 2007
Decision Time Coming Soon
I know I'm going to miss BFE land when I go. Not only because it's my hometown (cue Joe Jackson or Bruce Springsteen or Michael Stanley or whoever) but because of the things they put in the local paper. (Well, one of them because the other one comes in the mail and that's in the PM for me.)

The main story, of course, was the 4th of July, but the top of the fold had two other stories. One was on parking meters, and the other was about a bar fight where four people were arrested.

I can quibble and say that the fight wasn't exactly in the bar, since they 'took it outside' like everyone is supposed to do. I won't. But I can and will quibble at the way the second paragraph started.

"A guy, living in the area...called police about a fight outside the establishment..."

A guy?

It wasn't some dame, then?


Anyway, the trip to Minneapolis was good, with a lot more to think about. I've been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting.

Right now, we're getting close to the wire here on some stuff. I know references are being checked, and I'm going to Texas next week. Richmond will probably let me know next week as well, as will the consulting firm. Plus, there's the Ohio opportunity that I am pursuing and just received the job description today.

So things are coming to a had, and I guess I won't have to look at opportunities at Long John Silver's. Which is a shame, because I really would like to eat more of those fried things.

No not the hush puppies, the little crumbly bits of batter that they give you.

Good times!


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