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11:23 p.m. - July 01, 2007
Mewling Cats and Lost Teeth!
What started out to be a weekend of hissing cats turned out pretty darn nifty.

It all started Friday night. (OK, not ALL – I mean, the Big Bang, the rise of Nebuchadnezzar, and the English Civil War didn’t happen Friday night!) I was coming home from a meeting in Indy and Liz said that Katie needed pull ups, but she’d stay up until I got home. That would be around 10:00 (I had to detour at Rally’s. You know, yum and all that!) yet Liz and Katie would do some things together like read in a ‘campsite’ and Liz would braid Katie’s hair.

OK, sure, why not.

So I got said pull ups (with ballerinas) and I approved of the braids and Katie trundled off to bed. Liz soon went to bed afterwards as she was tuckered out from wrestling with spreadsheets and word docs regarding the LWV meeting she was attending. Soon, she will be free from the burden of being treasurer, but until then, she was slugging away.

Saturday, I was reminded of an assignment. Liz was still working on the material for the meeting (it was complicated, trust me) and so it fell to me. I had to take the cats to the vet for their rabies and distemper shots.

Liz went to get the cat carriers from the basement, and I was on cat roundup duty. Sundance was pretty easy quarry. I was able to snag him before he had a chance to react. He’s normally like that – being the placid beta cat. Hold that thought.

Butch on the other hand was the crafty, sneaky one. He saw Liz come up the basement stairs with the cat carries and made a break for it and dashed under our bed.

I tried to prod him out, but no luck. However, he did leave a leg within my grasp, so I grabbed it and yanked him out from under the bed. We got him in the carrier and I hied to the vets. It’s a very short drive there, but still, the cats were quite unhappy with their accommodations. Sorry, kitties, no turn down service here.

The vets weren’t that busy, but the cats made their presence known. Butch would mewl, and Sundance would answer. It would be loud, but each successive meow was quieter, until Butch rather fell silent and Sundance was just meowing to pass the time.

When someone else came in with a cat, they started up their racket again, but it soon died out due to lack of interest. I, being their only audience, wasn’t really buying their tough cat impersonation.

The vet was then ready for us. I took both carriers (with the cats in them, of course) into the exam room. We got Butch out first. He was pretty placid through the whole process. He’s now 15.8 pounds of cat, and I told the vet that he does throw his weight around, especially when it comes to getting to the food and litter box first. Mr. Alpha cat has a hearty appetite.

Butch got his shots, and went back into his carrier. Sundance was mewling, and then I picked up his carrier and put it on the exam table.

The evil spawn of hell-cat took residence inside my normally placid and peaceful Sundance. He hissed, he growled, he swiped his paw at us as the vet, her assistant and I opened the cage.

But when the vet got hold of him, he was back to being good old Sundance. He’s 11.2 pounds of kitty – maintaining his figure as his brother lives large. He got the needles and then went back into the carrier. They soon resumed their ‘tough cat’ meowing but that didn’t fool anyone.

I do know that Sundance immediately shot out of the carrier when I opened the door. Butch, meanwhile, took more of a steady gait when freed. Of course, he went right to the food. Well, I would too.

Since Liz was at a meeting, I had the girls to myself. It was a pretty good day, but after Kristin got up from a nap Katie was a bit possessive about all of the toys and animals, and she had already lost privileges due to that. When Liz came home, she had a chance for a reprieve, but that didn’t take, and she soon lost them again.

That created a furor. Katie doesn’t really throw many fits, but she decided that Saturday night would be a good night to just lose it. Liz was tired – I was tired and in a constant state o’ something, and Kristin was just saying, “Sissy’s crying!” while still attempting to get the toy Katie was snatching away from her.

I went to the store to get dinner, and the situation hadn’t changed. At dinner, Katie was still in a snit, and finally we realized it was because she had been up so late the night before. She was extra tired, and we said that to Katie.


Yep, tired. Early bath and early bed, and that seemed to do the trick, because Sunday she was pretty normal.

Liz and Katie went out to buy hair care items, since Liz was really attempting to keep Katie’s hair in braids and twists for variety. She did a nice job today on Katie’s hair, with some cute twists that I need to take a picture of sometime.

But hair care products weren’t the highlight of Katie’s day.

Earlier in the week, she bounded into the computer room saying, “Daddy! Daddy! I got new teeth!” I looked flummoxed, but soon realized that indeed two of her bottom incisors had pushed through and her first permanent teeth were out and ready for action. She had said that some of her teeth were loose, but this was the first sign a change was impending.

Well, today, I’m on the couch halfway snoozing and Katie bursts in.

“Guess what! I lost a tooth! I was eating a pear and it came out!”

We couldn’t find the tooth – I think it was imbedded in the pear that she threw out, but sure enough, there was a hole where her tooth was.

I said we need to show mommy, and we zoomed upstairs to show Liz. We had Katie look in the mirror.

“Ew! Blood!”

She hadn’t noticed the blood or tasted it, I suppose, but we explained that’s normal.

There was lots of euphoria as she realized that the tooth fairy was going to come tonight, even though we couldn’t find the tooth. (The tooth fairy is a smart cookie, you know!)

But then reality set in – she tried to eat some chips and it was uncomfortable. So I was told to buy soft snacks for a while. Well, OK then.

So, I was the first one to see Katie’s lost tooth (or not see it, as it were). And that’s cool, since I have to leave at 7:15 in the AM for the airport again to go fly to Minneapolis for another interview.

You only lose one first tooth, and I was glad to see it.

So the weekend started with howls from scaredy cats, then progressed to howls from tired children, to shrieks of delight as the tooth fairy descends on our fair abode.

And you know what’s better? I went to Burger King after a meeting tonight, and after I placed my order, and gave them my debit card, they said that their system was down and not taking credit or debit cards. I didn’t have any cash, so the manager decided that I should eat for free.

Can’t beat any of that with a stick!


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