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7:25 p.m. - June 28, 2007
Katie - The TV Critic
I don’t have much time, as I seem to be working harder finding a job than I did when I was employed, but I just had to pass this gem along.

It’s Sunday and I was in the hotel room after I had dinner watching the NASCAR race. Mind you this was the ROAD race at Sonoma, so it was OK as far as I was concerned. I was on the phone to Liz and she said Katie wanted to talk.

“Hi, Katie what’s up?”
“What are you doing Dad?”
“I’m watching the NASCAR race.”
“You’re always watching races.”
“I know. I like racing.”
“What are you watching after the race?”
“Probably the baseball game.”
“Baseball? You know Dad, the Disney Channel is MUCH better.”

Maybe she’s right. At least it’s not SpongeBob. That’s really not appropriate for five year olds, with all of the talk of underwear and stuff.

Heck, it’s not really appropriate for ME. I don’t need to be talking about underwear during a job interview.


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