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5:06 p.m. - June 27, 2007
The Grumpy Traveler
So where am I?

Right now Iím upstairs in our house that is newly air conditioned.

Well, newly air-conditioner repaired.

Newly air-conditioner rigged up repaired until we get a new circuit board for the unit.

Thankfully, the technician rigged it so we have cool air. It wonít shut off, but at least itís cool. That beats the alternative, for sure.

But I got in about 1:00 last night and really had to wind down before I went to sleep. And of course, Katie woke up early to say hi to me. So Iím running on 4 Ĺ hours of sleep.

Ah, well.

Things went well in the Captial of the Confederacy, and they are swinging here today. Iíve had five calls related to job search things, have made travel plans for two other trips and wrote my 59,129 thank you emails to the people at VCU.

Yes, my world tour is now going to take me to scenic Waco. Happy happy joy joy. BUT, the cost of living is right in line with Indiana, so thereís that then.

I have to take a critical thinking web test and a writing sample for one of the jobs. But that may be worth it in the end.

What was definitely worth it was the reaction from the girls today, fleeting as it was. Theyíd see me for five minutes and then do their own thing and then later, when I saw them again after calls or emails theyíd act like they missed me big time for about five minutes.

Those five minutes are special, though.

I am getting used to the airline biz, and I can tell you, I know why some airlines are doing poorly.

There is no service on many of them.

Why, oh why, in this day and age do they over-sell flights, and then beg and plead and cajole you with Ďflexible travel plansí to take a later flight, or like last night, have you spend the night in Charlotte when your luggage is still going to Indy.

I mean, if my travel plans were flexible why the heck am I taking the flight that puts me home at MIDNIGHT anyway? Jerkos.

They treat you like prisoners of war at times Ė in endless queues being yelled at to keep moving.

When you board, itís like a cattle stampede, and the people in first class always look at you like heathens when you finally get on the plane.

You are usually shuttled onto small planes that are cramped or huge behemoths that are cramped. The planes I took yesterday were all meant for people 5í9 or so. And if youíre in the rows with one seat then youíre cramped because they donít give you enough legroom if the dude in front of you puts his seat back, and then youíre inevitably sticking your foot out in the aisle if you cross your legs.

If youíre on a big plane itís full too so that means 40+ rows of people all in *fun* moods if the plane is late.

The air is too cold or hot, and the light never is aimed right at where you need it to be.

You have to pay for snacks now. Joy. You still get soda and coffee, but you never get the can of soda, and you donít get a coffee refill unless youíre lucky.

Mind you, there are some exceptions, like in any business.

But why are airlines losing money when planes and airports are cramped and crowded?

Seems like itís time to blow up that model and start fresh.


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