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9:07 a.m. - June 14, 2007
Well, That Was A Decent Meeting
Well, that was interesting.

It was a long day. I mean, long day. I left home at about 7:30 in the morning and didnít get back until 11:30 at night.

And I have a lot to think about.

Think, think, think.

Oh, bother!

Basically, they were selling me to join the firm. They run this consulting firm like a law firm. Iíd have to relocate up to Minneapolis, which would be nice.

Yet, the travel is constant. Itís four days a week, sometimes five, on the road. The emphasis is on Ďbillablesí. And if I take time off, I donít earn.

After a while, Iíd be expected to maintain my own clients and get more clients in if I want to keep earning more and more.

The compensation is terrific, since itís a set salary plus a bonus based on your performance every six months.

The other consultants are all nice, but theyíre Ďmore seasonedí (at least the ones in the office Ė I think most of them were on the road working) and Iíd be the young pup.

However, Iíd fill a great niche for the firm and one that has a potential to grow and explode. That means Iíd be a great provider for the family, which Iíd see every once in a while.

And thatís the rub.

Do I want to help people with problems, rake in the cash, but stay in a hotel room most of the week? Or do I want to stay put and raise a family?

Well, I still need to get the other offers, and really, THIS offer, but itís something to really think about now, so when the offers come in, I can be smart about it.

But itís a lot to think about.

I need to relax today, if I can. Iím going to a meeting tonight, but other than that Iím going to relax and take it easy.

Well, as soon as I touch base with someone else. Gotta network!


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