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11:16 a.m. - June 12, 2007
The Madness Starts Tomorrow
And tomorrow, the madness starts.

Yep, at least in the next two weeks, Iíll be jetting around for interviews.

The first one is in Minneapolis, for a consulting firm. (Actually, the first is today at 1:00. Itís a phone interview with a major university close by Ė so I could stay here if I get that job.)

This (the consulting gig) is a great opportunity, but I need to be sure Iím ready for a job with 100-150 days of travel. Ah, thatís why Iím visiting the HQ, just to be sure we both want to make the plunge together.

Then, in the next week, Iím off to Richmond and Baltimore for job interviews. I have good leads in Waco and Ann Arbor. Iíve also put in applications in Tempe, Tuscon, Chicago, Stony Brook and Bloomington. I donít have Ďinsí there (except Bloomington, where Iíll tap into the Wabash network) but I shall endeavor to persevere.

So if I donít write an essay for a day or two, youíll now why. Iím being courted, and Iím courting them. Yee-haw.

Part of me thinks it will be good to move away Ė as I may need a fresh start. Part of me doesnít want to leave this house, our friends, our church, and the work weíve started in the community. I guess there will be a path and we will find out where we are supposed to go when itís time to make that choice. Right?

So, itíll be an adventure the next few weeks.


Some random stuff for your enjoyment. Or not. Your mileage may vary. Consult your dealer for terms and prices. Offer not valid in Vermont or the U. S. Virgin Islands.

ē When cleaning out my office I noticed that I had a huge amount of CDs in there. Many of them are from my dear friends around the internet, and the songs are all safely tucked away on my music drive and my iPod (well, except for ďMore Than WordsĒ Ė can you burn bytes?) but the other CDs were ones that I had made over various and sundry times, either featuring new songs, or random songs, or old songs that I was selling the CDs back for.

Iím wondering what to do with all of the CDs I made, but I had an idea. I really need to get rid of them if we move across country, so I may have a mix CD giveaway. Stay tuned.

ē Also, I need to get on the ball about selling almost all of my CDs back. I am going to keep the box sets, Beatles, Beach Boys, and perhaps a few other artists and Liz will want to keep some CDs for her car, but the rest are going for caysh money dollarz. Stay tuned for that as well, because I donít exactly know how I will get rid of them all.

ē One more thing Ė Iíve been doing a lot of work on my music collection and then writing songs down to mix. I had five mixes segregated and then I just kept adding more and more. So Iíve decided to keep making mixes, and not move the songs around when I hear something and decide it should be on a mix. Iím rather much just going to try to flow whatever randomness happens, so you could get the Statler Brothers and Sonic Youth in the same CD. Will I send these out? I may, along with the random mixes for the office. Again, keep your internet dial right here for more information.

ē I hate to say this, but take away the first four albums and Too Tough To Die, the Ramones were basically hit or miss, making mediocre records with a few highlights. But those five albums seal the deal for an all-time band.

ē Also, in cleaning out my office, my buddy TC had sent me a CD of songs by Dan Bern. For some reason, I never listened to it, but now I have and thereís some good stuff. Right now, Iíve been digging on the song ďKrautmeyerĒ, and the lyrics (found here) are hysterical.

ē I was the breakfast chef today. Yum. Bacon, eggs, hash browns, OJ. What more do you need in life? Oh, a toothpick. Yeah. Thatíll work, too.

ē Tomorrow the cool SIL leaves, but Iíll race her to the airport. Actually, Iíll win, since my flight is at 9:30. And since Iím going to Minneapolis, Iíll give you three guesses on which airline Iím taking, and the first two donít count. I hope I get there tomorrow. Heh.

ē We subscribe to Babybug, so this is downright humorous to us. Also, McSweeneys is having a sale because theyíre going through some tough times, so help out, eh?

ē Do you think Iíd land a job if I gave every answer during a job interview in iambic pentameter?

ē Hairballs! Both of our kitties have hairballs. Whereís the carpet steam cleaner?

ē Had I known, I wouldnít have stopped playing with Legos when I was 14.


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