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10:43 a.m. - May 30, 2007
Swim Party!
It was a pretty super-spectacular day yesterday, all things considered. I have some irons in the fire (pretty red-hot, too – which is good but NO JINXING!) and all in all am pretty darn upbeat.

Even with a trip to Satan’s Discount Store (Oh, please – Target – come back. Forgive us if we in BFE land sinned.) coupled with some domestic duties, the capper was the swim party. It was all good.

Yes, a swim party that was all good, even though there were about 20 4-6 year olds shrieking in a pool at the same time.

The local high school has a great aquatics center and the director of said aquatics center has one of the 4,189 Hannahs that are in Katie’s class (Ok, just two, but we know at least four Hannahs in this town).

But, it wouldn’t be a Smed family trip without us being late for something, and yes, we were late. The girls needed to get their hair done (of course) and make sure they looked just so. Sigh…

Liz decided not to swim, so it was up to me to be the swimmer. Katie is old enough to swim around with her friends (and she’s actually a pretty good swimmer for 5) so I spent most of the time with Kristin.

For the most part, Kristin sat on the steps and splashed on the water, and then at times I took her around the pool myself bobbing her up and down and floating her on her back.

However, she’s a sneaky one, and a couple of times she wanted to swim like the big kids and…plook…there she goes underwater.

I grabbed her right away, but she has a seeming natural instinct, and no fear.

One of Katie’s classmates spotted my tattoo and called me a ‘pirate’. Arrrrr! I don’t think pirates wore glasses like mine though. But I did go “arrrrrgh!” for her. Shiver me timbers!

So, swimming was had and pizza was eaten and all of the kidlets had a great time. Sadly, it will be the last time many will see each other for a while, being summer and all.

And then, next year, it will be kindergarten and first grade for most of them. About 2/3 of the class will be in elementary school, and with most of the county schools going to all-day kindergarten they won’t be in Montessori.

Katie’s best friend-boy, Basim, will be going to a different school, along with her boy-crush Kaden and her friend Kate, who Katie always says has ponies (even though they are horses).

Some of the children, like Nicole, Rafael and Donny, were already in kindergarten and now will be ahead of Katie in school. Fortunately, they will be at the same elementary next year. Katie also will be in the same school as her bud Justice. Whenever Katie and Justice get together, there’s always mayhem and excitement galore.

Kristin was having a blast, too. She’s a master of five to six word sentences now, along with exactly letting us know what she wants or needs. For some reason, I am able to get her to do things that Liz is not, like sit down to eat, or put her shoes on, or sit still in the car seat. It must be a magic gift with her.

Now if I only had that gift with Katie, who again is demonstrating that she’s 5 ˝ going on 15, without the sullenness, black nail polish, and mascara overdose.

But I reflected on the day last night. I’m almost done with my iPod project (about 55 more CDs, plus then I look at my jazz CDs and then just have to remap files), I feel good about the future, but most of all, I feel good about the present.

Just because of the three people I’m sharing my present with.

Oh, and the two cats. I can’t forget Butch and Sundance. Who knows what they are up to at night when we are asleep? Whatever it is, though, I want to make sure it’s still for the good and righteous cause of the house of Smed.


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