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11:04 a.m. - May 29, 2007
Memorable Memorial Day
Ah, the weekend. There is nothing like a three-day weekend to get your spirits moving and grooving.

Of course, I needed to get my spirits moving. Mission accomplished.

My brother was in town, and the big to-do was to celebrate my Dadís 83rd birthday. Of course, we did this in our own style with a family cookout at Niece Nurseís place near Lafayette.

Somehow, we always celebrate with food. I guess itís the American way.

It was a good birthday celebration. Katie loves to play with her cousins, and Kristin is now a happy and outgoing almost-2 year old that will allow her extended family to pick her up and hold her and give her lovinsí. Itís about time, really!

Sunday, for the only the second time since 1973, I missed the Indianapolis 500. I decided that with a recent revamp of my personal life and choices it would not be as enjoyable as it has been in the past. So, instead, we went to church andÖ

I taught Sunday school.

No, the ground did not shake. Nor did the Earth tremble. Nor did Ronnie James Dio rise from wherever he is and shake the foundations with a piercing wail.

No, I taught about the apostles Matthew and Nathaniel, got some discussion going and then went to church. Liz was the liturgist, so I had kid korral duty.

The weather was iffy for the race anyway, so I sat down to watch the Monaco Grand Prix and then went to work on the computer for a while in finishing up my iTunes project.

(I only have 1 Ĺ tubs of CDs left to goÖyeah!)

When I got on the computer, the rain in the area had delayed the race after just 113 laps, so I was glad I decided to skip it. Thereís nothing worse than sitting in soggy stands waiting for the track to dry.

Sunday afternoon, we went to a friendís house forÖ

Yep, another cookout.

Cows had a lot of fear and loathing this weekend.

It was good to see friends and talk to them and relax, especially after the crazy week weíve all had. Friends are a good thing.

When I got to their house, the Indy 500 just restarted, so I got to hear some of it on the radio. It rained again in Indianapolis later on, so the race didnít go 500 miles and everyone was soaking wet. Darn, I missed being waterlogged.

So after getting the kids all fat and sassy on meat and sugary treats (oh, and veggies as well Ė no, really Ė we brought a veggie tray) we all went home. It was about an hour late for bedtime (okÖalmost two hours) but I thought the girls would sleep in on Memorial Day.


Thatís OK, I had to truck over to Lebanon to cover the baseball sectional. It got me out of the house, off the streets, and out of trouble.

There were two games I had to cover, and well, you could spend time a lot worse than by watching high school baseball in Indiana, especially when you have free food and drink and a free ticket in the press box.

Hooray for me! Free stuff! Who-hoo.

Now, today, Iíve accomplished a lot and itís 11. Soon, I have to go to Satanís Discount Store to get a swimsuit.

Yes, itís a swim party to celebrate the end of Montessori School for the year, and Liz, for some reason, thinks that the swimsuit that I had when we went on our honeymoon in 1994 may not fit anymore.

Oh, hon, really now??


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