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10:37 a.m. - May 14, 2007
A Happy Mother's Day!
Busy? Who, us?


Friday’s order of business was that I had to cover a softball game and Liz had girls’ night out when I got back. Oh, and there was a standoff with police about 2 ½ blocks away from my house. You know, the usual. Heh. It burns! It burns!

I also burned some CDs even though my computer was as slow as an intoxicated sloth. However, it soon cleared up, and it did so the exact moment I was complaining about it to someone one line. Perhaps it was sensitive.

Saturday, I opened my big yap and spent about 12 hours at the high school working at the Baseball Invitational as an announcer. I also covered both games that C’ville played in for the paper.

I also did the between innings music. You know, they had the Smiths and the Cure on the playlist. You bet I played that. Nothing like warming up to “This Charming Man” or “Boys Don’t Cry”, is there?

I also found time to write a story about the C’ville girls softball game against Rockville.

Needless to say, I saw visions of baseballs dancing in my head on Saturday night when I went to sleep.

All of that meant that I missed the big Chuckie Cheese’s birthday party that the girls went to on Saturday. A classmate of Katie’s had his party there, and of course they HAD to go. Geez, an afternoon at Chuckie Cheese’s surrounded by 20 or so sugared up pre-schoolers and toddlers? Where can I sign up?


Sunday, of course was the big day.

Mother’s Day.

I needed to make sure Liz had the best Mother’s Day she could have.

I got Katie up early enough to make blueberry muffins. I got the kind with double blueberries, thanks to some sage advice I received on the phone whilst in the grocery store.

The muffins were scrumptious.

Katie also signed (printed) the cards for Liz and for Mamaw. I made sure that Katie and Kristin each gave Liz a card, and then Mamaw had one from both of the girls. Katie has it down that Mamaw is her grandmother. As a kid, that always confused me a bit. I had a Mamaw, but not a grandmother. Ah, well, I figured it out soon enough.

Before church, muffins were eaten and cards were opened and Liz was happy. I got her a gift certificate for dinner at a good local restaurant and hopefully soon we can get babysitters and use it!

At Sunday school, Kristin was a snuggle-puss with me. She was pretty darn tired out after the events of Saturday (a one hour nap and the party made for a LONG toddler day) and just wanted some cuddle time with her dad. Cool by me!

Church was over quickly, as the pastor decided to make the sermon short so we could beat the Baptists and Pentecostals to the restaurants! Hah! We’ll get those guys yet! Wait, I’d better not say that. I don’t want to encourage restaurant brawls, you know.

Actually, instead of going to lunch, we went to see Mom and Dad and get Mom her cards. Dad said my letter to the editor met with approval from the coffee drinkers at Hardee’s. Since they’re a bunch of ol’ crusty so-and-so’s, I guess that meant it really made sense, even if I said I voted for Democrats.

The afternoon was full of naps, and then Liz and Katie planted a flower garden out back. I made dinner, and then I went out and moved the lawn while Liz put the kids to bed.

After a quick shower Liz and I settled down to watch the Sopranos. (No, I’m not going to spoil it, just so you can rest easy, but holy naked Indian, Jim Morrison! That was a great episode!) She then went to bed and I started back on my iTunes project. I’ve made a lot of progress. Right now I just have some mix CDs to go through, and then the files from M-Z on the hard drive. Then my CDs will go in there, and then I’ll remap some more files.

Fun fun.

Liz had a great Mother’s Day. That’s all we can ask, isn’t it? It’s probably one of the best rushes in the world, and there’s no icky hangovers!


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