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9:16 a.m. - May 09, 2007
A Big Day In BFE Land
Quite the eventful day in the neighborhood, it was.

Not only am I plowing through all of the mix CDs people made for me and putting songs back ON the iPod (I had to whack a lot thanks to the disk space issue), and trying to listen to the Andrew Bird CD that Harri3t has sent me. (Iíve listened to a couple of tunes that popped up at random, and theyíre pretty nifty!)

I also had planning meetings for our Annual Fund all day yesterday, and have more this afternoon.

Last night, I covered a baseball game and also did the PA and got a hat and t-shirt out of it. Saturday, they have a tourney and not only am I going to cover it Ė I will also going to do PA for all four games and get caysh money.

That will help, a bit, since I probably wonít be writing much when Iím a CASA.

Speaking of that, I have more training tonight. It will be four hours on the juvenile court system. (I think Iím going to try to leave right after my meetings so I can at least say hi to the kidlets and Liz!)

Of course, as you all know, there was a huge fire downtown. One person was killed, but it could have been worse. and there are all kinds of rumors floating around town.

On our side of town, some people were told that they discovered a meth lab in one of the apartments. There were some explosions as well that woke some of my co-workers up. Ammunition was being stored in the old gun shop, but my boss FBI says that the ammo wouldnít make the explosion that they heard.

The cops may have been looking at the residents of the apartments for some time for meth labs, from what I have heard.

The other side of town focused on the building. It seems the rumor is that the building was under foreclosure. I do know that it was for sale, and that the owners werenít getting the price they wanted or needed.

Iím sure the truth will come out some time. I drove downtown after the game and it stunk of smoke. Last night, it rained, which Iím sure didnít help anything down there.

Not only was there a huge fire, it was also the primary election for our townís mayor and city council.

We have a good friend that ran for city council. Liz was the treasurer for her campaign. She was facing a former mayor who was appointed to take a council seat and had been in local politics for about 19 years.

I guess after the first precinct was reported, someone came up to her and said that she wasnít going to win. When the other precinct was counted, she won by over 60 votes, which was basically doubling the vote total of the other candidate. In other words, it was a smackdown.


(Please note, yes our friend ran as a Republican. Donít tar and feather us. Itís local politics. Itís not like sheís in cahoots with W.)

Our mayor, who Iíve known for a LONG time and I lambasted here got smacked down as well.

I did my civic duty and voted, of course. But I felt like a tool, since I first went into the wrong polling area (both precincts were in the same building) and then got a bit confuzzled while trying to vote.

The fire must have been on my noggin, among other things.

At 10, I then walked down to the funeral home to see the Jenster as it was her Momís calling. I stayed for about 10 minutes, which was fine. She was holding up pretty well, under the circumstances.

With all of that swirling in my head, there was no wonder that I forgot to shave yesterday morning.



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