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8:38 a.m. - May 08, 2007
Breaking News! The Bar! The Bar! The Bar Is On Fire!
Breaking news from BFE land: The bar! The bar! The bar is on fire!!

Yes, my bar has been lost. Well, it WAS my bar. Iíll have more on this tomorrow. Whatís worse is that more buildings have been lost, and some that were just restored.

Tommyís Silver Dollar was a rite of passage for many Wabash men, and now itís gone. They sponsored a softball team that won the city title, and my picture is in there (or was) from that team, along with the trophy.

Many of the classes coming back for their reunions in June were meeting there after the formal events of the days.

Sigh. How many brain cells did I kill in there?

Wabash is covering this, of course.

Here are more photos.

Like I said, more tomorrow as more details come forth. I donít want to be a cable news channel and just post something to be first.


I just have one more thing.

Should I just wear all brown clothing? And then, if I eat pasta with red sauce, just eat naked?

I swear that I canít drink a cup of coffee without at least having one drop on my shirt or pants. Itís embarrassing. The QB says he is going to buy me an all-brown wardrobe.

Hi, Iím Smed. Iím not a UPS man. I just canít drink coffee. It doesnít matter if the cup has a lid, or not. No matter what safety device is on the cup, at least a few drops will dribble on me.

And Saturday night, I made my tortellini dish for Liz and we were watching Little Miss Sunshine and my white shirt had a few orange hues on it from the red sauce.

This is why we canít have nice things!


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