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11:03 a.m. - May 07, 2007
Have A Bowl On Me...
I think of the oddest things whilst mowing the lawn.

I had planned to write a whole screed about people jumping ship, etc. Not to denigrate them, but to fight the system from the inside and improve it in a very diplomatic, peaceful way. Of course, this being the internets, diplomacy and tact are usually lost on the unwashed masses. But I know MY buds have that in spades, and we could be the catalyst for real change.

But then, that would seem like too much inside baseball, really.

So then I wondered what else to write about. Now, I have some mixes I want to show off, and I have this project I’m working with my iTunes that has turned into something ginormous, and there’s other things, of course.

Yet, one thing that came to my noggin was breakfast cereals.

(I spent a lot of time ruminating, as Paulie Walnuts would say – since it took a long time to mow the lawn since it was as thick as Donald Trump’s hair!)

For some reason, I flashed back to 1973 or so and the cereal called “Norman”. Now, I vaguely remember the cereal, but I remember the character more. (You need to scroll way down to find him).

That led me to a-thinkin’…

What cereals did I enjoy (or despise) as a kid, and are they still around? Will the youngin’ of today believe me when I say that there used to be a cereal like Norman?

Well, of course, they have to believe me. Would I lie to you?

Anyway, Topher’s Breakfast Cereal Guide has come in handy in the past to jog my memory, so let’s take a trip down cereal memory lane for Smed. The good, the bad, and the sugar encrusted.

Freakies - Does anyone remember this cereal? You know, I can’t place how it really tasted, but I did have a few boxes in my day. Again, I remember liking the commercials more than the cereal.

Fruit Brute and Boo Berry - Oh, I loved Boo Berry, and HATED HATED Fruit Brute. I had one bowl of Fruit Brute and went “Ick! Begone! Foul cereal!” But Boo Berry was the bomb! Yum! Plus, it turned the milk all blue like and everything. That was always a plus.

Super Sugar Crisp - Don’t give me this PC “Golden Crisp” crap, you KNOW what it is! It was one of the best cereals ever! (Still is, I think!) And Sugar Bear was the man, as you can see:

He also had a band, The Sugar Bears, and they were the coolest band ever to be on the back of a cereal box top.

As for his main competition, Sugar Smacks? They stuck together too much.

In a pinch, when times were tight, Mom used to buy these large things of Popeye brand Puffed Wheat, and I used to put about 15 spoonfuls of sugar in a bowl to try to get it as sweet at Super Sugar Crisp.

Cinnamon Crunch and Crunch Berries - Now, you all know about my love of Crunch Berries, but I recall a certain barefoot pirate had his OWN cereal for a while. And it was the best thing ever (well, at the time, it seemed so).

Alas, it was not meant to be a long term thing, and soon Jean LaFoote was back antagonizing the Cap’n like this:

Trix - Oh, Trix! Better than Fruit Loops hands down! Of course, after a long time of being denied Trix, the silly rabbit finally snapped, I guess:

Pebbles - I had a soft spot for both types of Pebbles – Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles. Cocoa Pebbles was definitely the best of the “chocolate cereal that makes the milk turn all brown and yummy” contenders – better than Cocoa Krispies or Cocoa Puffs. Fruity Pebbles had their own cache, really. They really made the milk turn all KINDS of colors. It was as if the milk was psychodelicized. Far out, man!

(Do you think those kids had much of a career after that stellar performance???)

Anyway, I could go on, but now I’m hungry. I think I’m going to go get some Super Sugar Crisp for my breakfasts.

And no, I’m not sharing with the kids. You think I’m going to let them eat sugary cereal? Heck, I know what that stuff does to kids!


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