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10:14 a.m. - April 24, 2007
How Did I Do That? Oh...
Ah, this weekend I was footloose and fancy free. Not a care in the world.

Ok, I had a few cares.

Liz was a sick, sick puppy. She sounded like Bob Dylan recovering from an emphysema attack. And once again, there's nothing like the mellifluous sound of your lover hawking phlegm into the bathroom sink at 6:30 AM to get the day off to a roaring start.

Saturday it was rather a full day. Katie had soccer in the morning and I had a baseball game to cover after that. Sunday I had a meeting, but really had nothing going on between church and the meeting. However, with Liz being rather much out of commission, I had to make sure everyone was fed, and tried to keep abreast of the dishes whilst doing my laundry.

Soccer went pretty well, except Katie didn't score a goal this time (though when she goes out there to play she really tries hard). The baseball game was a good game, but the home team lost. I was pressed into duty at the PA and the scoreboard because the team needs help in those areas. I'm glad to do it, though it takes me back to high school when I did those things for the team as the manager / statistician / team owner. Keeps a man young, though!

Saturday night, I discover that my headphones shorted out in one channel, so I needed to go to Satan's Discount Store on Sunday after church to pick up some headphones. While there, I also got a charger for the iPod, as well as some silly penguin thing that I took directly to work, some juice and milk, and then a couple of soccer balls for the girls.

Why am I telling you this mundane stuff? Well, there's a reason. There's ALWAYS a reason, you know.

While getting stuff ready for the party, I wanted to make some room in the storage room for other things, and I looked at this sack of CDs that I had. This sack was full of live CDs, BBC collections, etc. that I decided, for space's sake, not to put on the iPod (for the most part) and at some point I was going to take them to work and use them for work entertainment.

Well, that didn't happen, and they've set there in the storage room.

But I had a brilliant idea. It's dangerous when I get them, but hey, it makes life fun, doesn't it?

I thought to myself, "Why not put some of these on the iPod?" Why not indeed! I had plenty of room on the iPod. So I grabbed a bunch of them (The Who, Built To Spill, Motorhead, etc.) and slapped 'em all on the iPod.

Saturday, I got to thinking a bit more, which again is dangerous. I have a bunch of tunes that I either took off of the iPod, or never put on there, due to space limitations. So why not put them on there and sort out what's really good from what's not?

Ok, sure!

So I made about seven big piles of CD on the table in our formal dining room, and commenced to rip.

I think I ripped about 900 or so songs on the iPod. I had already gone on a spree the last couple of months getting my vinyl and my wish list fulfilled, so there were plenty of new tunes on the old iPod.

But still, I had plenty of room to put even more stuff on there.

So all weekend I was adding tunes, and adding tunes, and adding tunes. I got out the Prince collection we had and wanted to add the "B-Sides" disc and Katie wanted to go kick the soccer ball around. I had to get ready for my meeting, too. So I threw the disc in the computer and set it to rip, then went and kicked the soccer ball around in the backyard.

Katie came up with some 'interesting' rules for these games we were playing. They did resemble Calvinball, except that I had all of the rules against me on where I could move and what I could do, and what was and wasn't a goal.

At any rate, a fun time was had, and I went upstairs to see about the CD work, and when I got on the computer...

I saw the big red X...

Trouble in River City...


So what's the issue???



Of all the things...

Yeah, I filled up our 70GB hard drive, which seemed impossible when we got that computer in 2002, it is and I did it.


Well, for one, I had a bunch of stuff in the recycle bin. Zap. OK, that allowed me enough room to finish importing the Prince CD.

Then what?

Well, I figured out a couple of things on the way up to the meeting and on the way back.

I zapped a whole bunch of stuff over the past few days and opened up 4GB or so, and now I am starting to fill in a little more. I'm not zapping anything that I don't have as a CD (with a few rare exceptions) as a backup.

I'm also looking at options - whether to add a second hard drive to the machine, or put in a larger hard drive. (I'm hoping the former, because I can deal with moving files around).

I also have a backup hard drive, but it's rather inconvenient to keep that on there all the time when it's just for backup and not where I put my music library, per se. Plus, I'd have to re-map all of my tunes on iTunes.

But still, to think that I was putting enough tunes on my computer to run the darn thing out of hard drive space, and still had plenty to go on my iPod, well, that's amazing.


Of course, I still remember plugging a 5 1/4" disk in ye olde Apple II to play Lemonade Stand.

I never made enough for sunny days, either.


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