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9:57 a.m. - April 16, 2007
Weekend Update
No time for idle chit chat with the other anchors, it’s time to get to the highlights of the weekend.

• Nothing like coming home from a Friday night meeting and finding that Liz and the kids left you two pieces of pizza and some breadsticks for dinner. Yum.

• The new fonts on the license plates we received are too skinny and bleagh. Yes, for the first time in five years, we had to get new plates (for specialty plates, they rotate plates every five years). The bolts on the cars were rusted so I had to get a socket wrench out to take the bolts on and off, so I actually felt he-manly and useful around the house for a change.

• There was a Kodak moment Saturday as the four of us sat down and actually had breakfast together. First time in a while. I need to get back on the French toast / bacon and eggs thing once in a while. It’s just been rather busy in the mornings lately.

• Liz did a great job in thoroughly cleaning the upstairs. We are hosting a dessert party as a fundraiser for the local Youth Service Bureau, and need to make the house as clean as it can be. So Liz deep cleaned everything on Saturday upstairs and we just hope the cats and kids don’t destroy it in the meantime.

• Speaking of that, our bedroom looks clean and spotless. But of course, at about 3 in the morning on Sunday morning what do I hear? The unmistakable sound of a cat yakking all over the carpet. That’s such a sexxxy sound, isn’t it?

• To give Liz time to clean, I took Katie to the grocery store on Saturday and she was a big help. Though I did have to do some preemptive strikes, though, to make sure we didn’t get out of there with a cart full of cookies and cinnamon rolls. Once, she was eying some Pop Tarts. I said, “Katie, no Pop Tarts. You don’t need the sugar.” Katie, VERY indignant, says, “I know. I WAS JUST LOOKING!”

• Kristin can now say “Butch”. Kristin has now said a six word sentence. Kristin now wants to walk up and down the stairs. Kristin is getting old!

• At the grocery store, I set a new league record for savings. I saved over $70 using coupons and the in-store specials using my Kroger card. Sure, I still spent about $200, but just think, it could have been more.

• Is there anything more overpriced than diapers? I know they may be the most important thing I buy, but still, it seems like a total racket to me.

• Saturday night I fell asleep on the love seat for the first time since basketball season ended. And now my back is all go-funny.

• At dinner Saturday, Katie was playing a game where she would say “No it isn’t.” or something. Anyway, it was getting tiresome and I said, “Katie, quit contradicting me.” “No, I’m NOT contradicting YOU!”

• If I lay down on the love seat and Kristin is ambulatory, she makes it her job to give me everything she can carry, to share with me. I was covered with three blankets and four toys while watching the qualifying for the Grand Prix in Bahrain.

• I’m seriously thinking that every Law & Order series has about had it. It’s like they’re all reducing themselves to a formula, where people get on their high horse about something, and McCoy becomes indignant, or (Un)Stabler takes it personally, or Goren knows everything about everything, or Logan is just a cynical old cop who misses Briscoe. Sigh.

• I’m so glad The Sopranos is back. This last episode was one of the best in a long time. Farewell, Johnny Sack.

• During the children’s sermon at church, Kristin did about 20 laps between our pew and the front of the church. Maybe she and I are watching too much racing? Nah.

• I’m approached the pastor about teaching our Sunday school class when he leaves. And no, the sky didn’t open up when I did that.

• Speaking of weather, Saturday I was supposed to cover a softball and a baseball game. However, I called the Crawfordsville AD at 9:30 and they were both called off, and for good reason. By game time, the rain was pelting down, and by the time Katie and I got back from the store, it was SNOWING. At bedtime for the girls, the snow was sticking! But it melted overnight.

• Liz had a meeting on Sunday, so I was in charge of dinner. I made some broiled tilapia and brown rice, and the girls ate it up big time. I felt good that I made something that was ‘new’ for Kristin and she chowed down, and Katie ate it too without too much complaint.

• Katie, though, is odd. She says she doesn’t like lasagna. What? What? Kristin ate it all up, though. Of course. I think Katie would rather skip dinner and go for the treat, or just eat garlic bread. Ah, well.

• I’m currently re-reading my book on the 1899 Cleveland Spiders. That’s the team that went 20-134 during the season. I’m thinking of writing something from the diaries of Frank Bates, who went 1-18 with a 7.24 ERA, striking out 13 and walking 105 in 153 innings, while giving up 239 hits. Is he Charlie Brown?

• Does Donald Trump ever NOT yell?

• Nothing like watching three races on Sunday. (Shut up!) Thanks to TiVo, I got to watch the F-1 race in Bahrain, and the Champ Car race in Long Beach. And thanks to TiVo, I got to watch the NECKCAR race in Texas on fast forward, which means you miss the inane commentary and the announcers butchering the English language.

• Did I say my back hurts? Well, it really does.

• I’ve taken all of the CDs I made from Liz and am going to make labels and try to make sure they’re in the right cases. But right now, one two-fer is missing. It was CD #1 and CD #2 that we took to Chicago. There’s an APB out for them.

• Dang it. “MacArthur Park” by Richard Harris isn’t on iTunes.

• Excuse me, I’m going to boogie oogie oogie until I just can’t boogie no more.


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