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9:23 a.m. - April 10, 2007
A Rant Free Zone? Well...
I could go on a rant about a lot of things today.

I could rant about the inane cold weather, and how that’s playing havoc with spring sports, spring gardening, walks with the family. Heck, it’s just playing havoc.

I could rant about the pointy-head cluckers that at a time like this say, “Global Warming? Hah!” and go “Melting Arctic ice floes, HAH!” back at them, but why? If they want to saddle up to cross-eyed fools like James Inhofe and Ted “Series Of Tubes” Stevens, fine.

I could rant about the totally asinine racist comments that Don Imus made about the Rutgers’ women’s basketball team. Yes, I know he has a reputation of making fun of people and giving people names, but they’re political folk who sometimes deserve his needle. These young women from Rutgers did nothing to deserve it, and his ham-fisted apologies aren’t sufficient to me. Neither did his attempt at apologies on the Al Sharpton show (who I really think should go away as well…). Perhaps I am sensitive because my daughters will no doubt have the same hair qualities as the women from Rutgers, but still, it had no place on the airwaves. If I said that at my job, I’d be out the door. Bam.

I could rant about people that spout ‘statistics’ about homosexuality when they are from totally biased surveys that aren’t scientifically sound nor statistically significant and they’re only trotted out to dupe people who don’t have the time or energy to look things up for themselves and only consume news in a five second soundbite.

I could rant about political machinations in religious organizations, which seem to go contrary to the word of God.

I could rant about the people who want to defund PBS. Last night The American Experience showed a chilling movie about Jim Jones and the tragedy at Jonestown in Guyana. The only voices on the file were either from Jones, people who knew him, or survivors from the People’s Temple. It was a moving, touching, thoughtful, and scary piece of filmwork. But of course, we’re too wrapped up in American Idol and some stupid goof with idiotic hair who can’t sing or which doctor is banging who on Gray’s Anatomy to turn the dial and watch something that matters.

I could rant about insurance companies, and it doesn’t even affect me personally. It affects an organization, The Family Crisis Shelter, that I am now a board member. And the staff is small (five people) but they get some health insurance. However, they had to change carriers in a week’s notice, and since on of the staff members is pregnant, the new carrier said that EVERYONE’S premiums will have to go up 107% because of the pregnancy of one person. It’s her first pregnancy, so I guess that matters.

I could rant on why there’s even a NEED for something called The Family Crisis Shelter to begin with.

Oh, wait, I am ranting.

Well, I don’t want to rant. It’s bad for the blood, and I don’t need to rant, especially not after this weekend; a great one for all.

Yes, we did an awful lot, and we were all tired, but it was a good tired.

The culmination was Sunday. It was Easter, of course, and we did a sunrise service at church where I was the liturgist, and then the girls had an Easter egg hunt (it’s hard to hunt eggs in an Easter dress and winter coat) and then the main service.

Not only was it Easter, and not only did the children of the church perform three songs as part of a children’s choir (note I didn’t say SING three songs, because that’s not really SINGING, per se, although it probably could pass muster on some other shows) but it was special for our family as well.

Katie and Kristin both were baptized.

Methodists don’t always baptize their kids right out of the chute, and since we didn’t start going to a church until after Kristin was born, we wanted to wait until we were comfortable with the church and its members. What better time to be baptized than Easter, though?

So it was a nice service and they are now baptized. And Dad celebrated by watching a F-1 race and then taking a long nap. Liz also napped out, so we were all sacked out Sunday afternoon. That’s probably the best way to spend a Sunday.

Oh, you want pictures? Well, of course, that’s the whole reason for this, isn’t it?


And there you go.

Every time I want to rant, all I need to do is see the smiles of the girls and of Liz, and enjoy the fact that my house is now full of chatter from two little ones who are happy and healthy.

And those sounds drown out any rants.


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