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9:04 a.m. - March 31, 2007
This will be short, and bereft of the usual inanity. And instead of word, I'm typing in the little white box. So pardon any issues.

I had a meeting last night, and it went well. Then I went to the grocery store to pick up milk and kitty litter and then sat down on the couch to watch some TV to unwind before bed.

After a good helping of The Daily Show, Law & Order (featuring the world's WORST teen actress), and Best Week Ever (they moved the SIZZLER! to the last segment?? WTF??) I went upstairs to check messages before bed.

I had an email from my first real true love, the Jenster. I hadn't heard from her in a while, and it just said "An Update", so I just thought it was some usual stuff. She has two kids, is working now after her divorce and last I heard was dating a younger man who used to be a football player. Which is odd, because the Jenster was not a sports fan, AT ALL.

But it wasn't that.

Well, it turns out her mom has cancer in her spine and lung.

I don't know many details, because that's all I have. But I'm assuming there's treatment involved, and if I see her mom around town and she's got the chemotherapy hat/scarf thing going I'll know what's up.

But, dang, the Jenster has been through a lot for such a sweet and loving and fun girl. (It's been a while since we were a couple, so I can say that with no irony or bitterness.)

Her dad died a few years back, I think of cancer as well.

Her ex-boyfriend (right after me and they also kept in touch) had a stroke recently.

A few years ago, one of her kids accidentally lit a couch on fire, and that spread to a big ol' fire and they were displaced for about six months.

She's also recently divorced, and trying to make it as a single mom with two kids and working for the first time in a little bit.

Now, I've had some situations in my recent past where I've had to take a long, hard, look at myself, and work to change behaviors. And I'm trying, and it's hard.

"But there but for the grace of God go I," is something I keep telling myself, because I really do think I was saved from a LOT of things because of God. Even though I'm more spiritual, and don't have 100% buy in on a lot of stuff, I am cognizant that there is someone or something that HAS a plan. A long range plan, perhaps, but that person may intervene in order to work the plan.

Last night, I had to really wind down after hearing about the Jenster's mom. Because once again, that phrase kept running in my head over and over and over again.

Now, I ask you, who are my friends and readers, and those who may be reading for the first time, or those who may get here via a link (and some of you kicking and screaming), to think about the people in your life, and your life.

Enjoy it. Enjoy your friends. Live life. Do no harm, and don't throw your friends or acquaintances under a bus. Accept apologies, and make them yourselves to people that you have wronged.

The bus you throw them under may be real.

I hope this all makes sense. I'm saying prayers for the Jenster and her family. Please join me. Thanks.


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