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9:07 a.m. - March 30, 2007
Video Wish List
Oh, may as well finish the work week with more obscure music. Why not just make EVERYONE scratch their heads at Smed.

No, wait, my loyal readers know this is my modus operandi anyway.

As you know, I’m in a mission to possibly collect every song that I’ve ever heard and liked on my iPod. But some songs are just missing from the iTunes store and so I’ve turned to readers, friends, enemies of my state and others to fill in the holes.

Yet, at times, some tunes are just shy, and remain so.

But I think I may have found a way to get my fix on some of them. What you ask?

Well, YouTube of course. It also proves that these songs DO exist!

I really would like to get “Love And Pride” by King, but its meager chart success and obscurity in the States mean that it’s probably a long time before it meanders over here. Some UK darling could get me a copy, but look what I found:

What in the HELL are they doing to the Doc Martens? And did they clean up after themselves?

BTW – the comments aren’t right. I checked on iTunes, and “Love and Pride” just ain’t there anywhere.

Sometimes, a song is only available on a soundtrack, and at times iTunes won’t let you just buy a single song off of that soundtrack, even if the rest are, well, crappy.

And some may say that this is crappy, too, but hey, I dig it. At least I dig it now.

Yep, it’s “Let’s Go All The Way” by Sly Fox.

This one I found on the site of the band. It’s “I Hear The Call” by the Unforgiven.. (Click on Videos to see it). They also have an MP3, but I don’t have the spiffy Quick Time Pro to snag it. Can someone help me out here?

Oh, I just loved the Rainmakers, and I found this video on YouTube:

I may have to find this record on CD. (And I did, used, so there! Not shy anymore – at least I hope not!)

I had this one, “Should I See” on an album as well, but this was the only decent song on it, I thought. They were Canadian, as you can see from the mullets! (Sorry, my Canadian friends, but it’s true!)

Now, just to get this song by the Eurogliders, I bought a live version from a reunion that the band did. But it only made me want the song even more. It was a minor hit here in the States.

I told you, there was a band named Scruffy The Cat. The quality’s not the best, but LOOK:

Well, I have a pretty long list and some of that stuff is old enough to not be on You Tube, and things like the original video of “A Love Bizarre” by Sheila E. not being posted there. Yeesh. Get on the ball, peeps! A Smed needs him some Sheila E.

(Yes, the album is available on iTunes, but the song is only available on the album, and I so don’t need 50 minutes of Sheila E’s music, ya dig?)

Things like “Bang Bang” by Cheetah, “Belly of the Whale” by Burning Sensations, stuff by the Swimming Pool Q’s, The 77’s, Phantom, Rocker and Slick amongst others still are elusive on iTunes and YouTube.

Oh, some googling may be in order.

“Not now, Liz, I’m trying to find songs by the Lime Spiders!”


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