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9:35 a.m. - March 16, 2007
Back Home!
Oh, man. I'm tired.

And busy.

I have a mountain of stuff to read, paperwork to do, and expense reports to turn in.

Anyone wanna help?

I did want to do a brief report on the trip home. It was pleasant and peaceful, really. The flight was hassle free. In fact, the only hassle of the whole trip was Saturday morning, when US Air didn't have their check in kiosks on line and I had to wait in line, and then Expedia didn't have my reservation totally confirmed after the flight changed, but all worked out, and I got myself AND my bag to DC.

I had to bring back Katie a surprise, since she was missing me, so I got her some Hello Kitty notepads and stickers and a Hello Kitty pencil.

Liz and the girls met me at the security station, and Kristin did NOT want to let go. She was barnacle baby!

The surprise that I got was a nice framed picture of Katie and me that was taken at the Father / Child dinner at Montessori!

All in all, a fun time.

And guess what, I get to spend ANOTHER night in a hotel - on Saturday! But this time it's with Liz in Chicago. Woot!

Now, if you excuse me, I have work


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