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7:14 a.m. - March 12, 2007
Suite Sweet, No, Reverse That...
This is dangerous, and time is short, as it always is during conference week.

But I needed to tell you all this.

I'm here at the hotel we've always been in at the conference in DC. It's near Connecticut Avenue right by a red line metro stop. It's got a metric ton of rooms, but it's still not enough. We get almost 2,000 for the conference.

Can you imagine, 2,000 bit nerds in the same place? Wowser.

Anywho...I've been in several different rooms around here. The WORST was the room I had on the bottom floor right by the street. Oy! The city noise was just unbearable at times.

Most of the rooms were nice. After all, it is a nice upscale chain that cottons to business travelers and conferences. And for the prices, it should be!


This year I was elected to the governing board of the user's group. That's a great honor, but also a three year commitment.

At the conference, I have a lot of receptions and events and meetings I must attend BESIDES the regular conference stuff. In fact, I'm running a little late now...

No one told me about one perk, though.

I have had a reception at the president's of the user groups room before. It's in the Presidential Suite of the hotel (of course) and that was schwankeeeee. Big time suite, with an attached kitchen even.


When I checked in, they said I was in a suite in the old tower. Having been in Comfort Suites before, I wasn't expecting much, especially since while the rooms are nice here, they're not huge, sizewise.

I was truly shocked.

A suite here means a honest-to-goodness suite.

The front room is 1 1/3 the size of a regular room. I had complimentary water and soda. They refill my ice bucket, too.

I have a balcony.

There are two couches and an easy chair. There's an armoire with the TV. There's a desk AND a table for dining, entertaining, or putting stuff.

Then there's the bedroom, which has ANOTHER TV, two chairs and a king size bed.

The bathroom is off the bedroom.

The ONLY complaint is that the bathroom doesn't have enough counter space to put all of your stuff without teetering on a precipice.

I know...don't cry for me Argentina.

Anyway, I have a kick-ass and take-names SUITE baby! I've made it.

But now, I'm going to be busy from about five minutes ago to 7PM, then I'm going to dinner with Moose at 8PM.

Like I'm going to enjoy this sweet suite the rest of the conference.

Ah, well. My stuff will love it, though!


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