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9:43 a.m. - March 01, 2007
Geeks Of Doom!
One thing about the internet is that this great, huge series of tubes (not a dump truck – thanks for clearing that up Senator Stevens) allows you to ‘meet’ a lot of cool people that in the olden days you’d never have a chance to cross paths with, even virtually.

A few months ago, a mutual read (who seems to have disappeared from the planet. Serena, wherefore art thou?) brought us together, as an entry about a mix I did for someone led to a comment, which led to me reading her site, which led to her reading my site, and so on.

So, that’s how I got in the circle of Empress Eve, who can and will rock your face off.

Lo, these many months I’ve bestowed on her a multitude of mix goodness, and she has given me a couple of classic albums, and one fantabulous metal mix. Soon, she’ll get me another classic prog-rock album that I may have slagged a bit in the past as soon as her music computer stops acting up. (Eve – my friend Moonfaeryy says you should kick it.)

Eve and her hubby Dave, besides rocking out in multiple ways and working hard at their jobs, used to run a webzine that was pretty cool. It talked about all things that a geek would enjoy.

Now, I’d never call Eve a geek. I mean, she’s a metal chick that can play the bass. She’s a smart, witty, sharp person. Yet, there she is, calling herself a geek and expressing love for comic books, sci-fi, games, and all other kinds of stuff.

She’s definitely someone that I could spend hours upon hours with talking about all kinds of meaningless stuff. In fact, I do wish that she and my best bud Moose and I could sit down and talk music. After 12 hours, Liz would probably call the police wondering where we were, and the three of us would still be sitting at the café no doubt discussing the true impact of punk rock on the metal scene, and how that one note in that one bar of a guitar solo on that one Judas Priest song made all the difference in the world.

Wait, it’s not meaningless stuff, is it?

Well, things happen in the world, and she and Dave have moved on to another site that they are developing into a webzine. World, be ready for Geeks of Doom.

(Now, here’s where I am a true geek. When I say that site’s name in my head, I do it in the same manner that Devo sang “Race of Doom” on the New Traditionalists album. Some of you know what I’m talking about. The rest of you are just saying it’s just Smed being Smed.)

If you clicked on the link, you’ll notice that I have an article there that was just posted yesterday. Well, I was impressed with the quality of writing and the subject material, and I asked Eve if there was a chance I could contribute. She said yes, and that’s my first piece.

I look forward to writing more for the Geeks of Doom, but I really am looking forward to reading more and more interesting stuff on that site. It’s definitely one for the inner geek in all of us.

And admit it, you are a geek too. I mean, think about it, you’re reading MY ramblings on the internet. See?


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