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11:06 a.m. - February 26, 2007
So What Have I Gotten Myself Into?
What have I done to myself?

I’m going crazy-go-nuts here with all kinds of stuff and things and what-not.

This weekend was good, and relaxing in its own way. Saturday, Liz took a ‘Liz Day’ and I dealt with five loads of laundry, a grocery shopping run, dishes, and the kidlets. I also sorted all of the clean laundry in the house and put them in appropriate hampers for put-away. That was about six hampers worth, though, one for everybody, plus towels and sheets.

Katie, bless her heart, also got on a nerve when she kept saying everything was ‘mine’. Well, no, not everything is ‘yours’ and you can share it with Kristin. Just for that, the TV is not ‘yours’ on Sunday.

Sunday was good with church, and lazing around doing a lot of nothing except spending too much time on iTunes.

But then, here comes this week.

Today, I have a church administrative council meeting. As the chair of the finance committee, I have some motions to make before the council, and there’s an issue burbling up that we have to meet with the district about. You know, I stopped going to church a long time ago because of the internal crap-ola, and I’m afraid it’s rearing its ugly head again. But I suppose you get ANY group of people together you can have political issues.

Liz has dance class to shepherd as well. Kristin is ‘trying out’ the 2-year old class even though she’s not two yet, mainly because she really wants to go in there with Katie. So Liz gets to spend about an hour in the dance studio today. Yippie.

Tomorrow, the basketball sectionals are at Lebanon, and I’m covering two games. So I need to be over there around 5:30 or so and I won’t get back until past 10, I’m guessing, since after the sectionals coaches take for freakin’ ever to console their teams after a loss, and I hate to say it, both local teams are going to lose.

(Well, my alma mater may surprise, but the second game has a team that’s 2-18 and worse than its record – and the coach is a jack-hole too, so, pray for me.)

I think Wednesday is a day of rest. (“And on hump day, you may watch the shows you have TiVoed), but Thursday is when the madness happens big time.

Liz has a board meeting for the League of Women Voters, and I have the father / child dinner at Montessori, where I eat spaghetti with meatballs that have been lovingly prepared by the class, and then I get to see the program that they have developed for this year.

The reviews were pretty positive, so we’ll see.

But that means hiring a babysitter to sit at our house while Kristin is sleeping, because Liz will put her to bed before the meeting.

After that, it’s the normal weekend fun and games, plus Sunday I’m Liturgist at church and it’s also Communion Sunday, so I have to make sure I don’t spill the grape juice.

Then the real fun starts, as I go to DC the next Saturday for our annual conference with our software package. I’m now on the board, and have a bi-weekly conference call to deal with the planning for the 2008 conference. That means I arrive Saturday, have board meetings on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and then the Wednesday afternoon after the conference. So I’m basically out from Saturday morning to Thursday afternoon of that week.

Of course, when I get back, we’ve decided to go to Chicago for a getaway that weekend. We’ve got a hotel downtown, and will go to the Art Institute and have dinner and get pampered. Sure, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, but we should be safely ensconced in our hotel when the real idiots are out causing mayhem.

Never a dull moment, eh? At least I won’t get into trouble.

Then there’s our various community work, as I am now on the board of the local Family Crisis Shelter (unfortunately – the first board meeting for me will be when I’m in DC) and now on the Economic Development for Crawfordsville’s Main Street. I’m also the Finance Committee chair at church, which is why I have to go to the ad council meeting tonight. Meanwhile, Liz is still doing her yeoman work for the LWV, plus she’s on a committee at church on staff / parish relations and is on the local Youth Service Bureau board too.

Yeah, we’re involved. And Katie will start soccer soon, which will mean all kinds of scheduling fun fun fun, depending on what day they decide to play the micro-mini games.

But of course, then there’s the schedule I got for myself in July – a board meeting, a speaking engagement, and yet another conference to attend all in the space of two weeks.

I guess I’m glad my luggage is in one piece – well, except for the missing wheel on the middle size suitcase. That’s always fun to drag around the airport.

Anyway, I’m going to be wearing out the road from my house to the airport in the next few months. Joy, joy.

Ah, well, at least I can catch up on my reading. That is, if I don’t become a zombie.



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