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10:03 a.m. - February 21, 2007
Snow Melt Randomness
Itís one of those days, where thereís a lot going on but not a lot to talk about. Well, that hasnít stopped me before.

So, be prepared for a wild, disjointed ride today. Who-hoo!


Katie was out of school again TODAY. Yes, itís going to be 45 degrees and sunny, but since the snow is melting and evaporating it caused a great fog to creep over parts of the city and county.

So they called a two hour delay so the buses could negotiate some of the roads. Unfortunately, we never thought to look at cancellations, and Liz had Katie at school bright eyed and bushy tailed, andÖ.

Öno school.

Wow. Is our children learning this month?


The White Rapper Show has been entertaining me to no end, and the last episode was quite intriguing. The three remaining rappers were sent to Detroit to learn the history of Detroit rap and to Ďbattleí some bad-a** Detroit MCís

Definitely these kids were a bit out of their element, out of their league, but they hung in there and did their best. And, Jusí Rhyme was eliminated, and it showed that he definitely should have been bounced long ago had he been in an elimination challenge.

All the while, I long for my girl Persia. Well, she made me a friend on MySpace (or at least her publicist did). I really hope Shamrock wins. I did notice heís not wearing his grillz as much, though. I wonder why?

Itís great to see MC Serch and Prince Paul, though. I really dug some of Third Bassí work back in the day, when Moose and I listened to anything that wasnít on the radio around Indiana.


Going back to the weather, this is the worst part of having a big snow Ė the melt. This weekend, the snow looked nice and pristine, but now, a few days afterwards, the stuff by the road is now all gray and rock hard, while the interior snow is melting and getting pock marks and holes and divots in it.

The sidewalk by my house is becoming a gooey, oogy mess, and thereís a lot of standing water by the curb they cut for handicapped access. I know that Sugar Creek is probably as high as Iíll ever see it, and will even get higher once all of the snow melts.

Which it will, soon. For the next ten days, the high will be around 40 and there will be rain for at least three of those ten days.

Ah, well. The winder wonderland will turn to gunk, and mess up everyoneís windshield.


I just read this article about the MySpace friends of the candidates for president. Iím surprised that they donít have more friends than that. Of course, theyíre not some two-bit one-hit wonder band. And I never suspected that Sam Brownback (Campaign Slogan: ďAmerica was great in the 50ís. Letís go back to that time. Get yer apron on woman and get me my dinner!Ē) would really be much of a contender for the MySpace crowd.

John Edwards have 11,573 friends, but it took a while to find him, since there are over 120 John Edwards on MySpace. And I first typed in Jonathan Edwards, but that was OK, because I grooved to the song ďSunshineĒ and made it my profile song.

Because he canít even run his own life, Iíll be damned if heíll run mine.

Oh, and I donít exactly know yet who Iím supporting for president. I mean, itís a long way off, and usually the horse I like early on doesnít do well (Bob Kerrey, Paul Tsongas, Richard Lugar, Bill Bradley, Howard Dean) so maybe Iíll take my time, this time.

I do know one thing, it wonít be Sam Brownback! (Another Campaign Slogan: ďScience is for weenies.Ē)


Iíve been slack in recognizing some people.

I received a lot of CDs from Janet, and a lot of the songs have been incorporated in my iPod. Then the wondermous Moonfaeryy graced me with a couple of great discs that I have incorporated as well on the iPod!

But Iíve been slacking of late, as D sent me a couple of discs I havenít listened to, and then Willowfox the great sent me FIVE CDs that I just received! Wowser.

And, I do know that Got Cow is sending me some disks, as is Kat.

Then, there are others that have threatened to send me disks. Donít worry Ė I donít bite! I really do need to dive in to everything I have backlogged, but doggone iTunes is tempting me all of the time.

The main reason is that Iíve been working on a mix for Mixmania. I mailed that out yesterday, and will announce the theme on Friday. I checked out the blog of my Ďmatchí, and well, letís just say that heís going to think Iím a square, L7 nerdball.

Itís a fair cop.

Iím also working on a ďSmedís Greatest Karaoke SongsĒ mix. I had over 180 chosen at first and am whittling down to about 100 right now. This will be a multiple disc set, of course.

I think Iím enjoying doing these theme mixes right now. Itís fun. And of course, if you want a mix of a theme, just let me know. I have three people who wanted the LOVE / HATE mix and Iíll get to them soon. (Perhaps this weekend!)


Iím going to be working on some writing projects for other online blogs. I donít want to jinx them, but they are on totally diverse and different subjects. Hopefully I can get them done this weekend as well.


Speaking of this weekend, Liz is taking a ďLiz DayĒ on Saturday. We had planned to go to Chicago as a couple, but there was no babysitter available, so Liz is taking a day to do Liz stuff. Sheís not going to overnight, though, but I may surprise her when she gets home.

And no, that doesnít mean that Iíll have some hot, hunky, teenage love slave in my stead when she arrives (although that would be a heck of a surprise).

I think the surprise will be that sheíll come home and Iím not asleep on the love seat with Star Wars on the TV.


Tomorrow, Iím going to write about a style of music that gives me great joy, but may cause the real musicians to groan and shake their heads in shame.

Or maybe theyíll dig it too. They were youngsters once!

Iíll give you a hint, on the surface, itís all sweet and innocent and bad for your teeth, but look at the lyrics verrrry closely from a jaundiced, cynical eye and thereís a lot more to it.

Chewy, chewy, baby.


Itís rather embarrassing to be singing ďIíll Go To My Grave Loving YouĒ and doing the bass part while your bossí boss walks by.


Anyway, thatís the report from the snow melt capital of the US of A, BFE Indiana.

Somebody get me a towel so I can dry off my shoes.


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