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10:05 a.m. - January 22, 2007
Wondermous Weekend Wrap
Ah, nothing salves the soul like a good weekend. Good food (can you really argue with pot roast on Sunday night?), plenty of laughs, plenty of me time and some us time, and a nice downtime of quiet reflection and thoughtfulness.

Oh, and the public debut of the new sassy glassies.

Friday night, I did the PA and covered a boys’ basketball game. Of course, I thought the JV game started at 6:00, and it didn’t start until 6:30. So, not only did I miss a chance of dinner at home, I cooled my heels for a while watching players warm up. But, since I forgot my cell phone, I drove home to get it and then went back to the high school.

I used to do PA for some local high schools and I still do it for the Wabash football team. It’s fun, and I have a big mouth (and resonate) so I think I’m pretty good at it. But also covering a game (taking stats, etc.) and doing PA is a challenge at times when you’re also writing down what’s happening, along with publicizing the 50/50 drawing and all that.

The game started out with the home team up 16-1, and they barely held on to win. I think the coach of the good guys (YOUR Crawfordsville Athenians) was going to perform ritual suicide in center court if they lost that game. (Yeah, it’s been a long season). And the story I wrote was pretty good, I thought, but they had to cut it in a few places because of a ginormous amount of stuff going on that night.

But I drank two big sodas at the game, and once again learned the hard lesson that I can’t handle caffeine anymore. So I was up WAY WAY WAY too late.

That wasn’t a good thing, because we had a big Saturday planned. It was cousin Dru’s sixth birthday party, and Katie and Liz made the cake for her. Liz also needed to get her hair cut, so I had to be up early for kidlet patrol. Sigh – when will I learn that I need to get to bed? (Never, I suppose.)

After Liz’s haircut, we had to hustle and bustle to get ready. Since we had the cake, we needed to be there early. Of course, with our family, arriving early meant getting there as the party started. We’re bound by laws or the conventions of society or something to never be on time to ANYTHING anymore.

The party was held at the same place that we had Katie’s fifth birthday party, and yes, it was good times and fun all around. I managed to avoid sitting in the teeny tiny chairs, though.

Here’s Kristin, who is now a big girl of 19 months, with some dude…oh, that’s me.

Here’s me with Katie, and a decent pic o’ the sassy glassies (I think…)

Kristin is now an independent girl. She wants her cake, and can eat it too! Liz seems to be eyeballing some carnage going on in the other room (there was a bean bag war going on).

And the party is complete, as there is frosting on the nose!

The party was a good one, and it achieved the goal of getting the kids all sugared up for the weekend. The big news was that Katie was going to spend the night at Dru’s house, so it was a sleepover. Katie had packed her backpack full of her stuffed animals, and books, and took a pillow and all of her accoutrements over to her house. My gosh, for a 5-year old, she has a ton of stuff she wants to take.

I finally got a nap, and then went back to the HS to do the PA for the Saturday night girls’ game. It was a big county and conference matchup, and both teams had winning records. There was a great crowd for a girls’ basketball game.

The JV game was a wipeout (and there’s nothing worse than a bad JV girls’ basketball game) and the varsity game started out close, but then it got out of hand. But I think I wrote a decent story. Those are the hardest games to write, especially when you try to be positive for both teams.

So I went home on Saturday, and wrote that story. Liz got a call from Hoosier Niece (Dru’s mom) and Katie wanted to talk to Liz. It was almost 11, and they just got done watching a movie. (Well, it WAS a sleepover.) Well, it turns out that Liz had to go over to the house to give Katie a hug goodnight, and then all was well with the world.

It was odd not having Katie paddling around the house early Sunday morning. We thought that with only Kristin to get ready, we could actually hit Sunday school on time.

HAH! That’s rich. In our family, our funeral pyres would be started and well on their way to maximum flameage, and THEN our bodies would show up…

This Sunday, with all of the gunk going around me and my friends and all, I needed church. Liz was in the nursery, so I was alone in the sanctuary. I needed that. I prayed. I asked for forgiveness. I forgave others who hurt me. I asked that all would understand, and that all of the hearts would be healed without discord or strife. Let’s hope.

After church we got Katie, and as you can expect she was:

1. Tired
2. Cranky
3. Still sugared up.

They had waffles for breakfast (mmmm) and with that and little sleep Katie was a bit…off. In fact, we made her take a nap (she resisted - a futile effort) after lunch. Liz went to go work on some writing and some LWV issues, so I supervised Kristin at lunch.

What a big girl. She can use four word sentences, and when you get her more milk (after she requests it!) she says “Thank you!” A polite 19-month old! I need to remember this.

After lunch, I had some work to do. It has snowed early Sunday morning, and there were a couple of inches of snow around. I cranked out the snow blower (corner lot – so we have a lot of sidewalk) and proceeded to clear off everything.

You know, it’s easier than shoveling, but the type of snow this was made it hard work to blow the snow around. It was pretty wet and packy, so it kept getting clogged up in huge chunks. So that was a little workout.

After that, Liz skedaddled to her writer’s critique group in Indy – so it was Katie, Kristin and me and football, with me also previewing a ‘mystery mix’ for a couple of souls. And yes, I WILL send out those holiday mixes soon – I promise! Liz had made a pot roast for everyone too. Yummy!

Thank goodness for TiVo, though. The Colts game started at 6:30, which was prime time for dinner and getting the kidlets to bed. But by 7:30 all were secure – and even with the scare of no more pullups for Katie (we took extras to the sleepover and they were still in the backpack) all was peaceful and quiet. Liz got home and went right to bed, so I got to watch the Colts game in silence.

Well, almost.

I had three loads of my laundry to do, and I also had to crack the largest mound of dishes in the history of the world. I think I could have charged admission, as it was a spectacle to behold how we could have crammed in so many dishes into our sink without spillover onto the countertop.

But finally, laundry done, dishes done, game on!


That’s all I have to say.

It was a fitting end to a great weekend. I bounced upstairs happy, smiling, and at peace. It was almost zen.

Just what I needed.


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