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11:23 p.m. - January 19, 2007
This Is My Rock And Roll Love Letter...TO You...And Liz...And Katie...And Kristin.
Ah, well, I’ve reflected upon my ‘fun’ week and have to thank a lot of people who gave me pep talks and dug in for me. I apologize for the seemingly negative, angry and morose tone here at some points of the past week, and promise to you that that will not be modus operandi in 2007 going forward. Shiny Happy Smed holding hands!

My real life is going great guns, it’s just my internet life has taken a tumble. Ironically, that was the opposite of 2006. And you know, I love all of you guys but I got to live my life here. I’ve learned some hard lessons, but again, the cool groovy people, from Michigan (two of ‘em), to Minnesota, to California, to Maryland, to South Carolina, and even Florida, gave Smed what he needed.

I’m not going to ask anyone to play favorites and put people in the middle. That would be wrong. I just ask people to realize that there are two sides to the story (or stories), and my side has been laid out for the world to see here and in MySpace, as honestly and forthright as I can, without divulging personal correspondence to the world. And yes, I did perform acts of closure today, but I needed to for ME. That’s how I roll. And now that I have done that, the doors have been shut, for good. I won’t drop people for spite, malice, or because they have allegiances to others, because that’s NOT how I roll.

And I feel better, at peace, and happy. Of course, Liz, Katie, and Kristin have a lot to do with that!

So, let’s expunge the negativity, shall we….




(Sorry, I don’t have clever graphics like a disc defragmenter…)

All better. The Smed train is now leaving the station. Woot! All aboard!

I was thinking about a lot of things tonight. I was covering a basketball game AND doing the public address, and during halftime of the junior varsity game two teams of 3rd through 5th graders played a game on the high school court, and that got to remind me of my basketball career, as it were.

I was a skinny kid, who when he was in elementary school was tall. So I always played forward, and not guard. I did develop an outside shot (I inherited that from my Dad, who started center for three years in High School). Still, I was good enough to make a 4th grade all star game as a defensive specialist and outside shooter.

But that all came to crapper as I got older. I didn’t grow that much, I was still skinny, and I was slow as molasses. Not good, bad. So as I moved to 7th grade, I became the stats dude, and well, to this day, that’s what I am. Though I still love to get out on the court and hoop it up, even though you need to time me with a calendar.

But my glory days in hoopdom was elementary school, when I shut down, totally, a dude that later was a starter for 2 ½ years on our high school team. The game I played him, he scored just two points against me and I only fouled him twice. Hah! Of course, that’s pathetic when the highlight of your sporting career is at age 10, isn’t it.

So as I was watching the kids out there resembling amoebas trying to play basketball. (The bigger court threw them off – but it was cute as the first bucket was scored by a little boy that had his face painted in horseshoes to show support for the Colts!) I remembered my court prowess, and that meant elementary school.

And what band was HUGE in elementary school?

Well, these five blokes from Scotland, of course.

And this is my favorite song by them.

It even has these lines:

“'Cause I see an ancient rhythm
In a man's genetic code
Gonna keep on rock and rollin
Until my jeans explode”

OK, the actual transcription is ‘genes’ explode, but really! I mean, he’s about exploding through the white pants there.

Hey, this weekend I’m going to a birthday party for a niece. Katie’s having a sleepover, and I have new sassy glassies! Pics coming Monday. Until then, be excellent to each other, and I love you all…but I love Liz most of all. And Katie…and Kristin.



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