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12:17 a.m. - January 15, 2007
Gold Lame, Subflooring, and Hello Kitty Waffles!
Ah, but of course, the weekend was pretty spiffy.

Well, except for the weather. And the issue with my car, which was towed from Lafayette to Crawfordsville with two totally blown tires thanks to an unfortunate meeting between CR-V and curb on a dark, rainy highway that had no lights. Hopefully there’s no further damage. And hopefully, my cell phone is in the car. It has to be. I had it in the tow truck in the tire store after the tow, and put it in my coat pocket, but when I went back in the car I probably took it OUT of my pocket to make a call, and then got distracted. Like I am wont to do. (The two truck driver offered me a ride home – yay!)

Oh, well.

Plus there was this *unknown* call on my cell phone – VM left that I didn’t hear and no number recorded on the phone and I just checked Cingular and it’s not there either. Argh! Who are you? Who who who who?

Oh, and the dumbass of the year award goes to Smed (the only candidate, so it seems) due to a silly incident. It seems that someone, in the process of herding children out of the car and then later getting groceries out of the trunk, left the door open to Liz’s car all day and night and morning during a period of steady rain, so Kristin’s car seat as soaked to the core, and Liz had to switch a car seat in the cold rain Sunday morning because Smed was pre-occupied with everything and just forgot to make sure that car door was shut.

D, I said D-U…D-U-M…D-U-M-B…D-U-M-B-A-S-S that’s DUMBASS!

But let’s get to the good stuff – shall we?

The date Friday night was great. Good conversation and an early night. We both felt well rested when Katie bounded into our bedroom wanting breakfast. Since she was good recently, she had her TV privileges, so we allowed her to watch Noggin ONLY while we lingered in bed.

Katie, at times, has been switching over to Nickelodeon to watch “Sponge Bob” which we don’t think is appropriate for someone her age. And now, Kristin can say “Sponge Bob” so…well…we need to nip that in the bud, Andy. Nip it! Nip it! (Though personally I like Sponge Bob, but it IS a bit rude, don’t cha know?)

But finally, we heard the siren call of Kristin, and we needed to get our butts moving. This weekend was an eventful one. The chips were down and we had to get our projects moving. Liz had wanted to paint our utility room, and we needed to have new flooring put in our formal dining room. Normally, that wouldn’t take so long, but thanks to various and sundry infections, virus attacks, contractor issues, and holidays, it’s kind of lasted a lot longer than we hoped.

Due to some pet issues, we had to get rid of the carpet in our formal dining room, and at the same time we thought we should put vinyl flooring in our utility room and our storage room. But we needed to have the floor in our utility room leveled off as the sub-flooring wasn’t in the best of shape. So we hired a contractor to do that, and had him look at the floor in our formal dining room as we knew it was slanty. What he did was put a post that jacked up the floor a bit and made it as level as possible. Of course, this caused some cracks in the plaster elsewhere in the house, but you know, you have to deal with this, lest you get in your DeLorean time machine back to 1872 and tell the people building your house to do things differently because someone in 2007 needs to put laminate flooring in the formal dining room because of a cat problem.

And with a house this old, you know there will be lots and lots of surprises afoot.

Here’s the lovely sub-flooring in our formal dining room. I would DIE to have the natural wood floors excavated, but Lord only knows how many layers are under this lovely sub-flooring.

And since our house was occupied in the 70’s, and well, you know all about the 70’s, Liz found this gem of wallpaper when she was moving a light fixture to paint.

Hello, gold lame. It’s like that room was a backing vocalist for Sha Na Na.

We have evidence of this elsewhere in our utility room, which from the way the wood patterns are actually was a full bathroom at one point, but everything was ripped out as best they could, and cheap pantry shelves were put up. Liz was convinced that some of the wood was from some old furniture, because of the patterns of the wood.

So anyway, Saturday was “Liz paint and Scott watches the kids.” Actually, that was the theme for the weekend. And there was football on as well, amongst other things. So, the plan was in motion.

Liz did a great job on the painting, even though it plum tuckered her out.

I took the girls grocery shopping, where Katie was foiled at every turn to get ‘fun’ things from the grocery store and Kristin liked the bumpity-bump of the cart with the crooked wheel.

Sunday, we had church where after the car seat was replaced, we arrived. I was the liturgist and a lot what I wrote yesterday came from some moments of clarity up there near the altar. Peace, love, and understanding help everyone out.

However, Sunday I was less successful in corralling the bored 5-year old that is Katie. After a while she really started to bug Liz, and I was watching the game. But then, I asked Katie if she wanted to color, and so Katie and I collaborated on a picture of a robot. Of course, I’m still not that good at coloring in the lines. Old habits die hard, you know.

All in all I felt it was a good weekend, despite some moments of pure idiocy and angst. And I attribute it all to Saturday’s breakfast.

You see, my Cool SIL gave the girls a great Christmas present.

It’s a….


Now, we just opened it on Saturday, because it’s the first chance we had to make waffles. I had thought it would make one giant Hello Kitty waffle, but I was sorely mistaken. That iron makes four waffles at a time of various sizes and character shapes.

Katie and Liz collaborated on the batter, and we even got Kristin involved as well. She whisked in a little bowl and we even put some flour in it so she could really help. Of course, she tasted the flour and had this, “Well, uh, I don’t know what to really make of this stuff,” face. Liz quipped, “Now you know why we didn’t give her the raw eggs.” Yeah, salmonella isn’t a pleasant thing on Saturday morning. It ranks right up there with two flat tires.

They were yummy waffles, and came out just right. Wanna see ‘em? Of course you do!

(They’re all waffly on the other side)

I can’t say what some people mean to me. My friends are my rocks, Liz and the girls are my solid base of support, no matter what. And I’m getting more spiritual now and that’s helping too.

So next time you’re in C’ville, come on by. We’ll cook up some Hello Kitty waffles, and watch Noggin together. It’s a party…you can come!


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